Three Generations

Dave at Cycle City sent me this cool photo titled Three Generations on a Big Dummy at Sunset (photo by Aimee Ivanoff). I like the photo so much I thought I’d share it here. One of the best things about longbikes is that besides being great for hauling stuff, they’re also very good for giving people a lift. I have a Yuba Mundo V3 coming soon, and I’m looking forward to giving it a try as a people hauler as well as a cargo hauler.

6 Responses to “Three Generations”

  • Mike says:

    Big Dummy’s Rule. Hi Dave!

  • Johan Wagner says:

    Beautiful picture. Any idea what kind of front rack is on that bike? Thanks for a very inspiring webpage.

  • Geir says:

    Love the front rack arrangment with the handy box and the light! Anyone able to spot the brand/model of that rack?

  • Dave says:

    The front rack is a Nitto R-14, and that is a simple wine crate securely zip-tied to the top. I bolted a section of scrap seatpost to the tab on the front of the rack for a light mount. That’s a Pedro’s wall-mount bottle opener screwed to the front of the crate (beer opener on wine crate :)).

    My girlfriend shot the photo. She appreciates the kind words.

  • Jeff Lock says:

    I was surprised in February when I went to our state capitol Adelaide that I saw three longbikes of various pedigrees while riding around. What really impressed me was that all three appeared to be used for picking kids up from school. All three had handle bars at the back of the seatpost and kids riding on the back.
    Wonderful. I also saw my first Bakfiets with a young mum pedalling with a baby riding in a car style baby capsule attached to the box in front of her. I wish I was as fast with the camera as Mikael from “” and could have captured the sight.
    Very slowly the concept that you can ride a bike for every day transportational needs seems to be catching on.

  • Gavin Housh says:

    My buddy Jeremy SyCip has a bike that he uses to go to the store. He lives at the to of the kensington hills and riding all the way back up with a load of supplies was tireing so he added an elecric motor. I rode this bike a bit in front of his house and it Hauls! You can see his bike on the SyCip web site. G

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