I was enjoying the commute home this evening so much I couldn’t resist shooting a few pandas. The rains are coming back tomorrow, but we’ve been soaking up as much sun as we can by doing a lot of riding during this beautiful stretch of weather. We don’t mean to rub salt in the wounds of the folks who are snowed in; we’re just sharing a little bike joy.

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It’s going to be a scorcher… (July ’09)

We’ve had an unusually wet winter overall, but this past week has been absolutely perfect for riding. With temps hovering at around 70F in February, we can’t help but wonder what we’re in for this summer though.

With a few exceptions, it seems the climate in most areas involves a trade-off; either you have mild winters with scorching hot summers, or you have beautiful summers with cold and wet winters. What’s your preference? Would you rather ride in blistering heat or sub-freezing temps?

Do you prefer to ride in blistering heat or sub-freezing temperatures?

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Federal Judge Upholds NYPD Restrictions

District Court Judge Lewis Kaplan on Tuesday dismissed a lawsuit challenging New York Police Department rules requiring groups of 50 or more bicyclists to obtain a parade permit before embarking on a group ride. While the rules apply to groups of bicyclists of any sort, it’s widely assumed they were implemented in reaction to Critical Mass. The lawsuit, filed in March 2007 by the Five Borough Bicycle Club in conjunction with several other affected parties, challenged the constitutionality of the rules.

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Air Pollution Linked to Atherosclerosis

The Los Angeles Times’ Greenspace blog is reporting on a new study conducted by researchers from USC and UC Berkeley that found a connection between air pollution and hardening of the arteries. According to the paper that was first published in the journal PloS ONE, people who live within 100 meters of a freeway were found to have their artery wall thickness accelerated at more than twice the average progression. From the Abstract:

Consistent with cross-sectional findings and animal studies, this is the first study to report an association between exposure to air pollution and the progression of atherosclerosis — indicated with CIMT change — in humans. Ostensibly, our results suggest that air pollution may contribute to the acceleration of cardiovascular disease development — the main causes of morbidity and mortality in many countries. However, the heterogeneity of the volunteering populations across the five trials, the limited sample size within trials and other relevant subgroups, and the fact that some key findings reached statistical significance in subgroups rather than the sample precludes generalizations to the general population.

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Planet Bike BRT Strap

I met a friend for coffee the other day and his trowser cuff strap caught my eye. Even in broad daylight it was surprisingly bright with its flashing LED. I asked him about it, and it turns out it was a BRT Strap from Planet Bike. It gets a 200 hour run time on a CR 2032 battery and has flashing and steady modes. I don’t have one yet, but I’m planning on ordering one for when I ride my bikes that don’t have chainguards. I figure if I need a cuff strap anyway, it might as well have a bright light in it!

Planet Bike

Disclosure: Planet Bike is a sponsor of this website.

Bike-Sharing World Map

MetroBike and the Bike-Sharing Blog have put together a Google Map showing the locations of the world’s 2nd generation (coin deposit) and 3rd generation (hi-tech) bike sharing programs.

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The Bike-Sharing Blog

Bespoke: The Handbuilt Bicycle

A.N.T. Major Taylor, Photo: Mike Flanigan

Bespoke: The Handbuilt Bicycle, an upcoming show at the Museum of Arts and Design in New York, will feature handmade bicycles by master craftsmen Mike Flanigan, Jeff Jones, Dario Pegoretti, Richard Sachs, J. Peter Weigle, and Sacha White. From

NEW YORK; NY.- Bespoke: The Handbuilt Bicycle, presented by the Museum of Arts and Design from May 11 through mid-August 2010, will display the designs of six internationally renowned bicycle builders whose work in metal, as well as graphics and artifacts, elucidate this refined, intricate and deeply individual craft. Organized by Michael Maharam, owner of the eponymous textile company and an avid bicycle collector, along with master builder Sacha White of Vanilla Bicycles in Portland, Oregon, this survey is presented as part of the MADProjects exhibition series, which explores emerging trends and innovations in the design world.

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