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We had a fun time today at the B. Spoke Tailor event at Hot Italian in Sacramento. Nan Eastep from B. Spoke made the trip over from the Bay Area to show off her work and take orders for the upcoming Sac Tweed Ride in March. We enjoyed seeing her beautiful sartorial creations while catching up with our downtown friends and eating some super-tasty pizza.

Nan Eastep of B. Spoke Tailor and John Boyer of Edible Pedal

Exquisite tailoring and nearly endless options

The samples were available for purchase

Every piece is specifically tailored for bike riding

Gorgeous fabrics

Lots of wool, inside and out

Edible Pedal had one of their delivery bikes on display (a Civia Loring)

The Bicycle Business generously donated two bikes for a raffle to benefit the California Bicycle Coalition. Tickets went on sale today and the bikes will be raffled at the upcoming Tweed ride (visit Sac Tweed for more information and to purchase tickets).

The first raffle bike is a Fuji Cambridge; it’s a great looking bike

A very cool Breezer Citizen 3, the other raffle bike

The wild bike racks out in front of the Hot Italian

Many thanks to Sacramento Tweed, Sac Cycle Chic, and Hot Italian for hosting the event. We’re looking forward to the tweed ride on March 28th!

B. Spoke Tailor
Sacramento Tweed
Sac Cycle Chic
Hot Italian
Edible Pedal
The Bicycle Business

My Very Own

The other day I mentioned that I had pant-cuff-strap-envy when I spotted my friend’s Planet Bike BRT Strap (I know, I know, it’s takes a real bike nerd to covet thy neighbor’s cuff strap). Anyway, I picked up my own BRT strap and I’m happy now. As you can see in the photo, it’s a really cool thing that can be used as a cuff strap or strapped anywhere on one’s bike or body to increase their visibility. It glows like one of those glow sticks you see at concerts, except it’s much brighter, it’s red, and it has a flashing option. Now, if PB would make one that accepts rechargeable batteries…

Planet Bike BRT Strap

Yup, Planet Bike sponsors this website.

Shimano NAHBS

Shimano has signed on as title sponsor of the North American Handmade Bike Show (NAHBS) for 2010. From the press release:

INDIANAPOLIS — The North American Handmade Bicycle Show Inc., owner of the world’s leading custom bicycles show, has signed a one-year title sponsorship deal with Shimano American Corporation., the world’s leading bicycle components manufacturer. The correct title of the event is now: Shimano North American Handmade Bicycle Show.

NAHBS founder and show director, Don Walker, said, “Shimano has long been an industry leader, and I am thrilled to have them come on board as the title sponsor of NAHBS! Shimano’s involvement with NAHBS started at our San Jose show in 2006, and they are one of two major players that have been with us consistently since then. Their dedication to innovation and their support of the independent framebuilder is second to none. I couldn’t be happier that they wanted to step up their involvement. I hope this relationship will continue to blossom for years to come!”

Having been involved either as an exhibitor and lower-level sponsor of NAHBS for many years, Shimano recognizes the value in supporting the steadily growing handmade community through this show. NAHBS has served as a contact point for input and feeback from the myriad framebuilders — both commercial and hobbyists — who attend the show. Shimano welcomed the opportunity to step up to the role of leading sponsor.


B. Spoke Tailor Pre-Tweed Ride Event

From Sac Tweed:

For those hoping to improve their “tweed-ness”, Nan Eastep from B. Spoke Tailor is coming to town from Oakland tomorrow to show us her wares, take measurements, and offer sartorial advice! Also, she makes great tweed top tube covers! Come check it out!

Date: Sunday, February 21
Hours: 12-4pm
Location: Hot Italian, Corner of 16th and P Streets, Midtown Sacramento

B. Spoke Tailor
Sacramento Tweed

Bicycling Becoming Safer

According to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, 714 bicyclists were killed in collisions with automobiles in the U.S. in 2008. This number is down 29 percent from 1975. The decline among female bicyclists (50 percent) was larger than the decline among male bicyclists (24 percent).

The statistics in the IIHS report support what I’ve seen in other studies: early evening is the most dangerous time of day to ride, urban areas are more dangerous than rural areas, and major roads are more dangerous than minor roads.

Ninety-one percent of bicyclists killed weren’t wearing helmets. I don’t believe this number tells us much about helmet effectiveness because there’s no way to know if a higher rate of helmet use would have significantly changed the number of deaths. For a controlled study on helmet effectiveness, see Thompson, R.S.; Rivara, F.P.; and Thompson, D.C. 1989. A case-control study of the effectiveness of bicycle safety helmets. New England Journal of Medicine 320:1361-67.

While we already knew bicycling is a relatively safe activity (see here), it’s good to know our streets in the U.S. are getting even safer for bicyclists.

IIHS Fatality Facts 2008

Seattle Tweed Ride

The Seattle Tweed Ride is taking place this Sunday, February 21. The ride will depart from Cal Anderson Park at 1pm. Visit Go Means Go for more information.

Human Powered Gocycle

Press Release:

LONDON, 18 February 2010: Karbon Kinetics Ltd. (KKL), producer of the award-winning electric two-wheeler Gocycle(R), announced today the launch of Gocycle Black —a new, non-electric-powered model produced in limited quantities for the year 2010, finished in a matt black colour and offered at a suggested retail price of $995.

Designed to appeal to urban cyclists who commute to work primarily for fitness, Gocycle Black comes without the standard electric Gocycle EmpowerPack(TM) (motor, battery and charger) and weighs 12.2 kg. Gocycle Black also features a steeper head angle to provide sportier handling over the standard Gocycle.

As an option, Gocycle Black customers can purchase the EmpowerPack at any time to upgrade the model with electric power.

According to Richard Thorpe, KKL’s founder and design engineer, “We have designed the Gocycle product platform for performance commuting. At the heart of this is our focus on superior pedal drive-train efficiency, rider ergonomics, and ease of free-wheeling, which are performance factors fundamental to Gocycle Black. Gocycle Black customers ride fast and don’t mind breaking a sweat on their way to work, so on-demand electric power is not a priority for them. The 4kg saved in weight and the $500 lower price point are a bonus.”

Thorpe continued, “When purchased through a salary sacrifice scheme or KKL’s Gocycle-to-Work scheme, Gocycle Black at a $995 retail price offers commuters the maximum possible tax savings.”

Gocycle Black comes standard with all of the award-winning design innovations of the standard Gocycle, such as the PitstopWheel(R) for quick and easy repair of flat tyres, Vgonomic(TM) adjustment for excellent rider ergonomics, and the fully-sealed Cleandrive(R) drivetrain, which keeps the rider’s clothing clean. Gocycle Black also features the same Magflow(R) lightweight injection moulded magnesium frame as the standard Gocycle.

Gocycle Black is available for purchase online at with delivery throughout the European Union. MSRP $995 (incl. VAT).

Gocycle Black

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