Drum roll, please!

And finally, the #1 reason to commute by bike (if a sunrise like that won’t get you out of your car, I don’t know what will). Captured this morning on the way to work…

11 Responses to “Drum roll, please!”

  • Aaron says:

    That must be awesome. My ride to work is pitch black.

  • Brian Collins says:


    Can you post a pic of your bike loaded for commuting, along with info on the gear you use?

    Brian Collins

  • Cyclin' Missy says:

    I am so jealous of your bike path route. None of our local bike paths run anywhere near the route between my house and my job. I’d ride to work A LOT more, if I didn’t have to take such busy roads.

  • Sharper says:

    There was sun this morning? I almost stopped for a picture too, but figured it would be easier to just fire up an image editor and fill the frame with #666666…

  • Alan says:


    It was bright and shiny at the front end of my commute, but by the time it concluded it was fogged in. Darned Tule fog… :-)


  • Sharper says:

    I’m willing to bet those 25 feet of altitude you’ve got on me probably helped a bit, too…

    Fortunately, I love riding in fog — the denser, the better. The atmosphere is so serene and the isolation so palpable it almost turns my normally wonderful ride into a zen meditation. It’s almost a shame to break it up by going in to the office.

  • Ben Teoh says:

    Wow, fantastic shot. That’s great.

  • Jeff Lock says:

    Great shot
    This week I am on night shift and ride to work at 11pm along a country road away from the city lights.
    No wind and a bright moon with the stars shining.
    Hard to capture on a camera but perfect nonetheless.
    Just to top it off I rode my recumbent for a change.

  • Alan says:


    “Can you post a pic of your bike loaded for commuting, along with info on the gear you use?”

    Hi Brian,

    Sure. I’ll work on it this weekend.


  • Eddie says:

    Not knowing which direction you were facing, this beautiful shot could have worked as well for the #2 reason: sunset.

  • Alan says:

    Hi Eddie,

    At least here in California, the telltale sign that it’s morning is the tule fog just below the horizon in the photo; you wouldn’t normally see that on a clear day at sunset.


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