A Friend’s Bike Stolen at NAHBS

Mike Flanigan of A.N.T. had his handmade folder stolen while attending the North American Handmade Bike Show in Richmond, Virginia today. From the ANT blog:

My folding bike was just stolen. It was locked up with a cable lock, just outside the hotel, in broad daylight. It happend in a matter of minutes, while I was un loading the van to the hotel.

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Note: The above photo was retouched to simulate the color of the stolen bike.

11 Responses to “A Friend’s Bike Stolen at NAHBS”

  • Doug R. says:

    I am sorry for your loss! Maybe it is time for Mike to invent an electrified bike that “Gives the damn, thieving b@stards a jolt they will never forget “! I hope they catch them, Dougman.

  • David says:

    That really sucks. I imagine the NAHBS is a very happy hunting ground for thieves and this won’t be the last bike to get pinched.

  • Bampot says:

    Dante’s seventh circle, man. Thieves in general but bike thieves in particular.

    Perhaps I’m biased.

  • Grateful says:

    Man I hate to hear that. Whatta scumbag!!!

    New federal law = “HANG bike thieves”. No, really. HANG the b@stards.

  • Perry says:

    Sucks! It’s a high profile bike so I hope he can get it back somehow.

  • John says:

    More evidence that one should never rely on a cable lock. Folks: chains, U-locks and/or frame locks. Never cable locks. They are way too easy to snip.

  • RideTHISbike.com says:

    From Lance Armstrong’s custom race bike to the prototype IF Mode that was stolen 2 years ago at Eurobike, it just goes to show that an unattended bike is like a sign that reads “Take Me”…

    I do hope that Mike gets his bike back though.


  • Scott Wayland says:

    Man, that bites. It’s a pretty unusual bike, so maybe there’s some chance of getting it back.

    On a different note: Y’all seen that great film The Bicycle Thief? Such a simple, heart breaking film. Hard to argue for that particular thief to get the gallows.

    Still, the scum who stole the ANT? Fifty lashes!


  • beth h says:

    OW. If you catch whomever did it, you have my hearty permission to dope-slap the thief while wearing one of those short-track speed skating gloves (with the metal fingertips).

  • EcoVelo » Blog Archive » A False Sense of Security says:

    […] Flanigan’s recent bout of misfortune crystallized in my mind something that I’ve known for a while, but failed to publicly […]

  • Bill Martz says:

    Mike, when I visited your display during the NAHBS I thought to myself upon noticing how you had you bikes locked up in your display, WOW, is this town that edgy that you would have to lock you bikes in the Convention Center……? Well I guess I am no longer that naive. I hope you get you bike back, you are a real gentleman and I enjoyed meeting you and seeing your bikes. Good Luck.

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