Pizza & Tweed

We had a fun time today at the B. Spoke Tailor event at Hot Italian in Sacramento. Nan Eastep from B. Spoke made the trip over from the Bay Area to show off her work and take orders for the upcoming Sac Tweed Ride in March. We enjoyed seeing her beautiful sartorial creations while catching up with our downtown friends and eating some super-tasty pizza.

Nan Eastep of B. Spoke Tailor and John Boyer of Edible Pedal

Exquisite tailoring and nearly endless options

The samples were available for purchase

Every piece is specifically tailored for bike riding

Gorgeous fabrics

Lots of wool, inside and out

Edible Pedal had one of their delivery bikes on display (a Civia Loring)

The Bicycle Business generously donated two bikes for a raffle to benefit the California Bicycle Coalition. Tickets went on sale today and the bikes will be raffled at the upcoming Tweed ride (visit Sac Tweed for more information and to purchase tickets).

The first raffle bike is a Fuji Cambridge; it’s a great looking bike

A very cool Breezer Citizen 3, the other raffle bike

The wild bike racks out in front of the Hot Italian

Many thanks to Sacramento Tweed, Sac Cycle Chic, and Hot Italian for hosting the event. We’re looking forward to the tweed ride on March 28th!

B. Spoke Tailor
Sacramento Tweed
Sac Cycle Chic
Hot Italian
Edible Pedal
The Bicycle Business

16 Responses to “Pizza & Tweed”

  • Doug R. says:

    Hey Alan, it was so great to see you and Michael today! Mattie and I had a great time visiting and enjoying the festivities! The Sacramento tweed and B. Spoke folks are first class! I double the statement that Hot Italian’s pizza is too yummy! Well, a great day, and Mattie and I bought her first Tandem bike. See you all on the ride in March! Dougman.

  • Tamia Nelson says:

    What an appealing photo-spread, Alan. Don’t you just love the smell of wool? That bike rack is unlike any I’ve seen. Do cyclists simply roll the bike’s wheels up the slots, with the bike held in place by bracing at the bottom/front wheel?

  • bongobike says:

    What a cool bike rack!!

  • ethan says:


  • | The RocBike Review » Pizza + Tweed says:

    […] This looks heavenly. I’d definitely like to do some sort of tweed ride and pizza run this spring/summer. I need to get myself a nice tweed jacket. (Yard sale season is coming.) […]

  • Alan says:


    It was truly a pleasure to see you guys again after all these years. We’re looking forward to spending more time visiting at the tweed ride.

    Best regards,

    PS – Congrats on the new tandem!

  • Alan says:


    Yes, you basically roll the bike into the rack. Beside being functional, they’re real eye-catchers!


  • Sharper says:

    Wish I could have made it, but I was wiped out after a training ride. I couldn’t have crawled the mile to Hot Italian if I’d wanted to!

  • Alan says:


    You were missed! Hopefully we’ll see you on the 28th..


  • JQFrederick says:

    Back to the bike racks–are they a commercially available item, or are they “one-off” locally manufactured? We’re trying to get “our fair city” to give up a parking place every other block for bike racks, so always looking for something functional and eye-catching.

  • Sharper says:

    Unfortunately, that’s out, too, thanks to my good friends and their no-good wedding timing. Summer Tweed it’ll have to be!

  • Alan says:


    I’ll see what I can find out about the racks for you.


  • Nico says:

    Nice seeing you both (Alan and Michael) yesterday at this event. Really nice pictures here, very well done. See you at the next Tweed event. Nico

  • Andrea Lepore says:

    Mille grazie to Nan and Rick & co. for organizing the event. Many more bike events coming in the near future at HOT ITALIAN, including the Bicycle Film Festival rolling through Sacramento for the first time in it’s 10 year history! To answer the question about the bike racks, they’re called Cyclepods and we imported them from England, which I think is appropriate for the Tweed! They were created by a couple college students for a design contest and they won! They’re made out of partially recycled materials and are made to fit eight bikes in a 6-foot diameter. We also have Wall Pods on Q Street that fit another eight bikes.
    Thanks again, look forward to seeing you all in your new knickers!

  • Bob says:

    FYI raffle tickets are now available directly from

  • SF Tweed » It’s 2010 And Tweed Is In The Air! says:

    […] a fabulous tweed tailoring event at Hot Italian. Eco Velo has a great writeup with photos from the Pizza & Tweed […]

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