My Very Own

The other day I mentioned that I had pant-cuff-strap-envy when I spotted my friend’s Planet Bike BRT Strap (I know, I know, it’s takes a real bike nerd to covet thy neighbor’s cuff strap). Anyway, I picked up my own BRT strap and I’m happy now. As you can see in the photo, it’s a really cool thing that can be used as a cuff strap or strapped anywhere on one’s bike or body to increase their visibility. It glows like one of those glow sticks you see at concerts, except it’s much brighter, it’s red, and it has a flashing option. Now, if PB would make one that accepts rechargeable batteries…

Planet Bike BRT Strap

Yup, Planet Bike sponsors this website.

One Response to “My Very Own”

  • 2whls3spds says:

    Got mine on order after your post from the other day…in fact I ordered several of them, just in case someone wants one. My LBS isn’t prone to stock items like this. However they did start stocking PB Superflashes after I ordered my 3rd one.


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