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Please welcome our newest sponsor, Joe Bike. Joe Bike has been supplying Portlanders with practical bikes for cargo hauling, commuting, and getting around the city since 2008. From the Joe Bike website:

Joe Bike is here to help you live better by biking more and driving less. Whether you’re carrying kids, cargo, groceries, or all of the above, our lineup is designed to get you there with a smile, a stronger body, and a healthier world. The revolution will not be motorized!

Joe Bike

7 Responses to “Joe Bike”

  • Doug R. says:

    Nice Joe Bike! I went to the Joe Bike site and I really like the Ubermunndo! nice!

  • jamesmallon says:

    I have no real use for this, BUT I WANT IT!

  • Mudrucker says:

    Finally, we need to have more Joe Bikes! People in general have become too used to using cars for everything. I have friends that would rather drive they’re car to the store that is less than a block away instead of walking or riding there on a bicycle. Even though by the time they got in to their car started it and polled out of the drive way, they could have been to the store. I know this because of a little experiment that I did to show a friend of mind that riding a bicycle is more practical for in town use. I wasn’t ridding fast and needless to say I still beat her to the store. Go Joe.

  • MohjhoRider says:

    Last fall while visiting family I stopped in at Joe Bike to test ride one of their cargo bikes. The guy I talked to was willing to sell me a frame set or build what ever I wanted and send it via train. The bike felt solid and was almost half the price of the Dutch made variety. Pretty good experience all around.

  • dweendaddy says:

    Wow. As a father of two boys (2 and 4) I could not imagine a better ride.
    I’m starting saving tonight!

  • BikeBike says:

    We are going to be stocking JoeBike’s 2010 BoxBike and can’t wait to see them – hopefully they arrive this week!

  • DrMekon says:

    I am looking at the stand and the reinforcing of the boom… aren’t these customised New Vipers? AFAIK New Viper aren’t allowed to be sold in the EU because they are a straight up copy of the Cargobike. I think it’s great that various people are doing alternative takes on the Long John concept (Metrofiets, CETMA), but if the Joe Bike is using the New Viper as a basis for their mods, regardless of what they add, it doesn’t seem like a worthy basis to start from.

    See for New Viper info.

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