The Kid’s New Wheels

The Kid’s Wheels – A Breezer Uptown 7

I’m surprised by the number of young people who are not getting their driver’s licenses as soon as they turn 16. Our kids are waiting, and a number of their friends seem to be in no hurry either. Our son, who is 19 and attending college, is not driving yet and he appears to be in no hurry to take on the responsibilities and expenses that come along with car ownership. He’s been getting to-and-from school using a mix of walking and transit, and now that he has a new bike, he’ll be working it into his multi-modal mix. We’re proud that he recognizes car ownership would mean taking on a full-time job, resulting in less time and energy for school and other activities.

We’ll have more on his commuting adventures in future posts.

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Response time for EcoVelo: Last 30 days

Our server swap is complete and we’re already seeing greatly improved response and load times. According to tests run at Pingdom, our full page load times have dropped by one half! We hope this boost in performance makes for a better user experience.

It looks as if a few comments were dropped in the transition. If you submitted a comment over the past 24 hours and it didn’t appear on the site, feel free to re-submit if you’d like.

Simply Car-Free

Our friend Tammy Strobel of Rowdy Kittens just completed her first e-book titled Simply Car-Free: How to Pedal Toward Financial Freedom and a Healthier Life. Tammy sent us an advance copy to peruse and we enjoyed it immensely!

Simply Car-Free tells the story of Tammy’s (and her husband’s) transition from a “normal” middle-class lifestyle to a simpler, more intentional way of living. The book is loaded with practical information and tips to assist those who are considering transitioning to a car-free lifestyle. Their story is an inspiration to anyone looking to downsize and simplify their life, and Tammy shares it in an open and honest way that speaks directly to the reader.

From the Simply Car-Free website:

Five years ago, we lived the “normal middle class” suburban lifestyle. We were newlyweds with flashy rings, living in a two-bedroom apartment, driving two cars, commuting long distances to work and living well beyond our means. The idea of living without a car didn’t seem possible.

By changing our perspective and planning small steps, we learned lessons that simplified our lives and got us out of debt. Going car-free was part of our downsizing process and was one of our first big goals toward living intentionally.

I wrote Simply Car-free to help people achieve their goals of saving money, improving their health, and living a simpler lifestyle. Reducing our dependence on cars clarified our priorities and showed us that anything is possible.

Simply Car-Free goes on sale Monday, March 1. The price is $9.95 for the first 500 people who download the book; thereafter the price will go up to $12.99. The first 3 chapters are available to preview prior to purchasing the book.

Simply Car-Free

EcoVelo Caps Back In Stock

Our EcoVelo caps are back in stock. If you’ve had a cap on backorder, it’ll ship tomorrow. Thanks for your patience!


It must be something in the water; three of my favorite bicycling blogs, Cyclelicious, Bicycle Design, and Bike Intelligencer recently redesigned their site templates (they look great – take a gander). And while we’re on the subject, I’ll mention that we’re changing web hosts soon with the hopes of providing better uptime and faster load times here at EcoVelo.

NAHBS Photos @ Flickr

The Shimano North American Handmade Bicycle Show opened this morning in Richmond, Virginia. A Flickr group has been set-up for those in attendance who would like to upload and share their photos. As of right now there are only a few photos in the pool, but check back and watch the slide show again because the collection will undoubtedly grow as the weekend progresses.

NAHBS 2010 Group @ Flickr

A Friend’s Bike Stolen at NAHBS

Mike Flanigan of A.N.T. had his handmade folder stolen while attending the North American Handmade Bike Show in Richmond, Virginia today. From the ANT blog:

My folding bike was just stolen. It was locked up with a cable lock, just outside the hotel, in broad daylight. It happend in a matter of minutes, while I was un loading the van to the hotel.

More here

Note: The above photo was retouched to simulate the color of the stolen bike.

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