One of My Favorite Cockpits

Brooks B-17 saddle, Nitto Dirt Drop stem, Nitto Moustache bars. In a word, comfy.

9 Responses to “One of My Favorite Cockpits”

  • Forrest says:

    I just today put the moustache/dirt-drop combo on my new Sam Hillborne. I’ve had those on other bikes, so know I am going to like it. Comfy, yes, and good in rougher terrain.

  • Mike says:

    Love that setup on my MB-1, Cyclofiend Current Classic #515. Great for city-bike, singletrack, winter, mountain-tour; you name it, that bike can do it.

  • kev says:

    How does the B-17 compare to the selle – anatomica that I saw in the previous post ?

    Looking to get the selle.

  • Alan says:


    I find both the B-17 and the Selle An-Atomica comfortable. The Selle is more comfortable (to me) straight out of the box, but the B-17 eventually catches up. You can read some comments on the Selle at the following link:


  • Mark says:

    I would love to put some mustache bars on my Breezer Uptown 8, but every time I think about it, the required components become more than the change seems to be worth. Is there any way to get a mustache bar that will fit MTB brake levers and a grip shift for the Shimano IGH? I realize I could swap out the brake levers and add a travel agent as well as get a JTEK thumb shifter, but that all starts to add up pretty fast.

  • Alan says:


    Yeah, that wouldn’t be a simple conversion on the Breezer. AFAIK there is no longer a version of the Moustache available in the 22.2mm diameter for use with MTB-style controls. An alternative might be to use an inverted Albatross or North Road.


  • Alan says:

    After giving it some thought, I also wanted to point out that I believe the Dirt Drop stem is critical for use with the Moustache bar. A standard road stem will place the primary grip area at the center of the bends too far forward for many people. The Dirt Drop has a short reach and steep rise which makes it easy to get the bends at or above saddle height, and not too far forward of the steering axis (this is assuming a person is on a not-too-small frame). Only when the Moustache is set up in this way do I find it comfortable enough for everyday use.


  • doug in seattle. says:

    A very short Technomic might also do the trick.

    Years ago I had some Moustaches on my bike. I ordered the wrong stem, a 12cm Technomic deluxe, and didn’t really realize it until a few weeks later. I experienced the problem you described. Very uncomfortable and I eventually switched back to normal drops. I then sold the the Moustache bars. I regret this very much because Nitto products are much more expensive now than they were then. I would like to try them again.

    I still have, and use, the stem, though. It’s perfect for swept back Nitto Promenades.


    I’ve seen a few 22.2 moustaches around. Try used bike shops or collectives/co-ops/non-profits. You might have to buy a whole bike, though.

  • Don says:

    I use a 70 cm Technomic deluxe stem with my moustache bar. That gives me enough height, level with the seat, and the right amount of reach for me to use all the positions on the bar comfortably.

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