A Bicycle For Our Minds

Hat tip to Elliott at Austin on Two Wheels for reminding us about this oldie-but-goodie. It seems only fitting to take another look with all the Apple talk going on lately.

5 Responses to “A Bicycle For Our Minds”

  • Efficiency On A Bicycle | VeloCast Cycling Podcast says:

    […] EcoVelo who hat-tipped Austin On Two Wheels comes this video of Mr. Apple, himself, Steve […]

  • mike says:

    yeah, you and i posted that @ similar times…


  • Bampot says:

    I get Mr Jobs’ point, but really, the headaches to utility ratio of computers is astronomical. As opposed to my nearly 20 year old bike, which needs little more than a new brake shoes once a year or so, but which still works just as well as when new. And will for decades to come. Sell me a computer like that, Mr Jobs. Please!

  • Lovely Bicycle! says:

    That’s very deep, but not sure how accurate of an analogy it is.

  • Eddie says:

    Bikes: efficient but also simple and comprehensible. I can see how it works and fix a bike flat. Computers: efficient but neither simple nor comprehensible (by most anyways). I can’t see how it works and need tech support to fix a computer flat. Sure, computers as tools truly do assist our minds but the analogy of expanding the potential of the mind in an efficient, simple and comprehensible manner – a bicycle for our minds – has a better match: books.

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