NAHBS 2010

Photo © Black Sheep Bikes

It’s one month until the North American Handmade Bicycle Show. This year’s event takes place in Richmond, Virginia on February 26-28. Admission is $15 per day or $40 for all three days. If you’re a bike fanatic, a ticket to NAHBS is the best deal in town. Just be sure to hang on to your wallet because your bike lust is liable to be off the charts; there’s no other place where you’ll see so many incredible bicycles assembled in one location.


6 Responses to “NAHBS 2010”

  • Mark says:

    Are you guys planning on going? I’m hoping to be there.

  • Alan says:


    We won’t be attending this round, but hope to make it the next time it’s out here on the West Coast.


  • Doug R. says:

    Alan, I wish one of us could “hit” the lottery and take a group of friends back to the show and buy everything we desire! (I have a dream)! P.S. I love the black sheep bike on the bike show site! Schwinn paper route meets vintage motorcycle girder forks! (steam punky cool). Dougman.

  • Seth Vidal says:

    I have every plan to be there. Coming from NC, it’s a short drive to richmond, va.

  • dave marquez says:

    I’m in love again! I LOVE that black sheep newsboy…it would be the perfect bike for me…now if I just had the $$$$

  • Willis says:

    Hope to see everyone here in RVA! I know the cycling community here in Richmond is getting very excited about the event and at lunch the other day I was speaking to one of the courier folks I know and discussing an alleykat event they will be holding on Saturday and other events hopefully hosted at what is known as the “bike lot” around here which is basically a bunch of ramps and stuff in an industrial area of the city in a off the beaten path location. Aside from the official event there should be plenty of unsactioned riff raff to get into while you are here in town. If anyone needs reccomendations for accomodations, resturants, good ride routes while your here, or other event related questions feel free to head to my blog ( and shoot away. Blog hasn’t been updated in a week or two due to Grad school starting up this semester but I get e-mails about posts so I will try and give you my best advice from living in the city for 12 years now. Hope to see everyone there (you too Alan…start riding here now and you can blog from your Mac Book on the way..hehe!)

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