America’s Worst Commutes

The Daily Beast has assembled a list of America’s 75 worst automobile commutes. Here’s the top 10 to whet your appetite:

  • Hollywood Freeway, Los Angeles, CA
  • Lunalilo Freeway (H-1), Honolulu, HI
  • Capital Beltway, Washington DC
  • I-35, Austin, TX
  • James Lick Freeway (US 101), San Francisco, CA
  • Cross Bronx Expressway, New York, NY
  • I-5, Seattle, WA
  • I-95, Bridgeport, CT
  • Kennedy Expressway, Chicago, IL
  • Airport Expressway (State Road 112), Miami, FL

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12 Responses to “America’s Worst Commutes”

  • David says:

    Back in 1983 I went to Martha’s Vineyard for a 4 day weekend from Washington DC.

    The first day back in DC after that long weekend, driving to work on the Capital Beltway, the thought that came to mind was that “this isn’t the way human beings are suppose to live”.

    I got to work and within the hour had given my 2 week notice.

    I came back to Martha’s Vineyard with no place to stay, no job to speak of but everything just fell into place.

    I’m still here and I bet the Capital Beltway is monumentally worse than it was 27 years ago.

  • s0fa says:

    I’ve lived in washington dc for the past 24 years and it’s awful.

  • Ryan says:

    First David you are my Hero. I was on MV in 1992 and I am sure its just as Idylic now as it was 18 years ago.

    Second as a Seattlite I am shocked that there are 6 commutes that are worse the 1-5 at rush hour(s), you poor SOBs.

  • Jason says:

    You would think that Honolulu, with a high cost of living, even higher fuel prices, and mild weather would have adopted alternative and active transportation options years ago. Additionally, being an island and containing sprawl, would make urban planning easier and necessary.

    So I’m shocked that Honolulu ranked second. Albeit, I haven’t been there in 25 years, it seems like an ideal place to live car free.

  • Jacob Bear says:

    I’m not surprised to see the Hollywood Freeway at the top of the list, but anyone who spends some time in LA will find several alternatives. It’s great to see that Los Angeles doesn’t show up anywhere else in the top 10, and it reinforces what I’ve been screaming for years to anyone who will listen–Los Angeles could (and should) be one of the best places on earth, a bikers’ paradise especially. When an urban eco-disaster area has so much potential, it’s easier to see the possibilities and have hope for all of the world. Thanks for posting this list!


  • eddie f says:

    i’m a little disappointed to be under represented. i would like to start a campaign for the mc arther maze right in berkeley, ca to be at least an honorable mention. what a complete engineering joke even after a multi bilion dollar remake a few years back. if they simply improved the signage, the traffic could improved.

  • Deltatrike says:

    I am pleased that Houston missed the list. Shocked is actually the better word. I guess we have come along way in building freeways – man we have a whole bunch of them. Folks are working hard on the infastructure to support cycling and there has been progress made, but we are still very much a car centered town.

  • randomray says:

    Hey Deltatrike the 610 loop made the list , nice to know it hasn’t changed in the 30 years since I lived there . By the way I loved the people and living there . I’m surprised 287 in Jersey didn’t make the list .

  • Lovely Bicycle! says:

    Just looking at that picture makes me feel nauseous : (
    I really hate sitting in highway traffic as the car keeps lunging forward a couple of feet only to stop again – and ahead only miles of the same are visible. Aaaaaah!

  • David says:

    Ryan wrote

    “First David you are my Hero. I was on MV in 1992 and I am sure its just as Idylic now as it was 18 years ago.

    Second as a Seattlite I am shocked that there are 6 commutes that are worse the 1-5 at rush hour(s), you poor SOBs'”

    Hi Ryan

    Thanks for your kind words.

    A lot of changes here on Martha’s Vineyard. A real microcosm of the mainland. There are now over 25,000 personal motor vehicles registered here on the Vineyard. In the Summer the population will grow from 15,000 to 100,000 people along with all their cars. The summer is a series of gridlocks everywhere you go, unless that is, you ride a bicycle.

    My daughters have been raised on bicycles.

    There is not a whole lot they can do with the layout of the infrastructure to accommodate all those vehicles as there roads were laid out when people got around in wagons.

    No one has the balls to say stop the growth of the automobile, reduce it. Make this place a shining example of what it could be if the automobile wasn’t king.

    It’s going to take $5.00 a gallon gas to get us their.

    I’ve been jumping up and down for decades but the car is boss and I’m the nut job who rides the bike.

  • Chris Moore says:

    Proud to see my city (Denver) NOT on that list! Not that it matters to me other than air quality with my multi-mode commute. I slide right by on the bike, fly right by on the train. See ya suckers!

  • bongobike says:

    I am surprised to see I-35 in Austin made the list of worst commutes. I didn’t think it was that bad. Well, that may be because I have never had to use it as a commute route. If I had, I guess I probably would have shot myself by now. I don’t think you can find a single person in this town who can say they like I-35–that is, any time of day, never mind rush hour.

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