Hot Summer Night

Since it seems half the country is under snow and the other half is under water, I thought I’d post a photo from a hot summer night in July of last year to remind everyone it won’t be like this forever. Keep a stiff upper lip! ;-)

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  • David says:

    Thanks Alan, that’s a nice pick-me-up.

    Sunrise is almost starting to coincide with my morning commute here in Seattle, but it’s still pitch black when I leave for home. Just a few more weeks…And then the rain will start in earnest!

  • Helton says:

    I don’t like to put salt on others’ candy, neither to be prophetical, but with all these climate changes I couldn’t avoid finding a disturbing second meaning in you phrase “It won’t be like this forever”. I think “like this” refers to things like the ones are happening here in Brazil too: since more than half a year, strictly every month some different part of the country gets flooded because it rained in a few hours the amount of rain expected for the whole month, and sometimes the rain comes with some destructive winds, too.

    Snow, rain, at least we are doing our parts commuting by bike! (at least when physically possible)

    And let’s hope it doesn’t get even worse!

  • Ryan says:


    That is funny you posted this today. On my ride in to work(Sacramento Area) I was glad I wasn’t getting drenched this morning, the last two days I got my fair share of wind and water. I was day dreaming about wearing shorts, sandals and getting some sun on my commutes. Pretty soon you will be posting pics of a cool winter afternoon to remind us it won’t be 100 deg F for too much longer. ;)

    Happy Commutes,


  • Alan says:


    “Pretty soon you will be posting pics of a cool winter afternoon to remind us it won’t be 100 deg F for too much longer.”

    So true! :-)


  • lyle says:

    I’ve finally gotten used to the inclement weather but, it’s the end of January and as usual I can’t help but wish for the sweltering days of July. Living just north of Sacramento, the weather is of course pretty mild but my old bones appreciate the sun more than the cold wind!

  • Seth Hoyt says:

    Alan – is this baby for sale per chance?

  • Alan says:


    Nope, sorry… :-)


  • Bob Baxter says:

    I hate to say it but we’ve been enjoying a week of spring like weather in N. E. Arkansas. I know it won’t last but its nice when its here.

  • john in nh says:

    wait wait, its cold? are you kidding me? :P its currently 15 here and it feels like a heat wave :P

    bloody Californians and their lack of real cold ;)

    oh and that bike is gorgeous!!

  • John says:

    What rack do you have on the bike? (Front and back) I like their clean lines. Also, have you done a review of this bike, I couldn’t find it, but then it could be my insomnia kicking in…

  • Alan says:


    That’s a Tubus Cargo on the rear, and a Pass & Stow on the front.

    I haven’t written a formal review on the LHT – it’s my everyday commuter and test bed for parts and accessories, so it ends up plastered all over the blog. I figure people see enough of it as it is… :-)


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