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In March, Yuba is sending us a 2010 Mundo V3 to play with. The Mundo is a dedicated cargo bike with a 440 lb. load capacity (!), 21-speed drivetrain, 48-spoke rear wheel, and utility deck made of recycled milk jugs. It’s known for being the stiffest/strongest among the current crop of “longbikes” (VeloVision described it as, “…a heavy-duty hauler which can carry loads and people in a way that was previously simply beyond a normal bike…”) We’re looking forward to giving the Mundo a workout this Spring and sharing our experience with you.


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  • John says:

    I’ve more than a few of these around Portland. My envy meter always goes up when one goes by. They are a thing of beauty and definitely a working bike; amazing how much I’ve seen some of them hauling.

  • kevin says:

    Their pricing seems very reasonable also. Looking at the dutch bike costs (cargo) and this seems like you can almost get three of these for a dutch cargo bike.

    Looking forward to the review. May need to seriously look into this bike for a summer purchase.

  • Antoine says:

    Looking forward to that review. I’ve actually seen one in Auckland, New Zealand of all places. It’s only long-tail I have ever spotted down here although we have some Xtracycle conversions scattered around the country.

    A “work” bike is an apt description for them, very solid construction. Not the kind of bike you would use as a regular commuter that had “extra” carrying capacity when needed.

  • Roland Smith says:

    That’s quite a load. I imagine it would feel like putting pedals on a Harley road king and trying to get it moving… :-/

    The thought of going downhill with a bike+driver in the 600 lb range with just a couple of V-brakes doesn’t sound really appetizing either. I’d go for a disk brake upgrade.

  • Alan says:

    Yeah, this is a serious cargo bike. As I understand it, the owner was one of the founders of Xtracycle but he left and started Yuba because he wanted to build a super stout bicycle. Can’t wait to try it.


  • ulugeyik says:

    I own a yuba mundo, and I love it. We do not quite use it to its maximum capacity but we have gone ~1 year without a car and I do not have any regrets doing even the heaviest groceries with the yuba. I have carried a portable bed, a large size butane gas bottle etc with it. I looked at bikes which were a lot simpler, could have handled a lot less loads but they costed much more than yuba so I settled on one. It has some quirks which I hear are improved with every model — the black cargo deck is already an improvement! we had to make our own. It is not that bad going down hill either.

    Some photos here showing our home-made panniers which made it quite useful:

  • cole says:

    yeah we got one of last years models to review on our site last year. it was a nice ride and i was sad to see it go. not trying to hijack or anything but if you want to check out the review here it is


  • Mohjho says:

    The Yuba looks good and sturdy. I’d like to see gear hub and a chain guard along with disk brakes.

    I use an Extracycle for commuting and find the ‘trunk’ space wonderful. Unfortunately if I load it with more that 50 pounds, the frame starts to flex from side to side. I’ll be waiting for your assessment of the Yuba.

    Also Kona makes a bike called the Ute that looks a lot like the Mundo. Seems that the cargo concept is catching on.

  • Phil Barns says:

    I have to use mine to commute, as my single speed is geared too high to get up anything steeper than 1 in 12 inclines. Lovely bike to ride, more stable with a load. I wanted to buy the Go Getter panniers but they wouldn’t ship to the UK, so I am going to alternate between a pair of Highlander military 100l holdalls and 64l heavy duty lidded crates with ratchet straps, depending on the job.

  • Derek says:

    I plan to build one up sometime in the next few months with a Nexus hub. I pondered for quite a while what to do to haul my two kids now that my trailer is getting too tight when both of them are in it. I plan to set it up with a stoker bar so my 4yr old can sit on the deck right behind me and then attach a Pea Pod behind that for my soon-to-be 2yr old.

    We routinely do 20-30 mile rides with them in tow and it seemed that either the Yuba or a Madsen was the right choice. I’m going to go with the Mundo.

  • Alan says:


    That’s going to be a cool bike, Derek. Please let me know when the build is complete – I’d love to see it.


  • Erkki says:

    Very interesting lookin bike. Even available in Finland :D

    I usually go to grocery store by bike when I don’t much to buy but with that kind of bike I could go even in bigger “cases”. Let’s but this behind an ear.

  • Johnny says:

    The new orange looks great! Also looking forward to your review! With a little one on the way, we’re trying to figure out what cargo bike to get. :)

  • Daniel says:

    As I’ve heard, Yuba founder worked for Xtracycle, but is not among the founders of Xtracycle. He’s not listed on Xtracycle’s page about their history.

  • Alan says:


    Assuming I understood him correctly in a recent phone conversation, Yuba’s marketing person described Yuba’s owner as one of the founder’s of Xtracycle. I’ll double-check to clarify.


  • Ryan Patterson says:

    I just ordered a bright orange mundo v.3 to haul art and hardware supplies too and from work and be able to commute my son to school without a car. My son is still getting used to it (it’s a bit cold out for him this winter) but I am absolutly in love with it!

    It is very heavy, but handels a lot better with weight on it. I rode my normal bike to work yesterday, ended up getting a ride home because I worked late and it was snowing. Today I brought in the the yuba and will simply tow the other bike home.

    I’m curious how it feels to ride a big-dummy as it is made out of a much lighter material, bike but for now the yuba rocks.

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