WSJ on E-Bikes

From the Wall Street Journal

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  • David says:

    These bikes are irresistable: silent, fast, and clean. They were everywhere in Shanghai the last couple of times I visited, where they can be ridden year-round. The lead issue with these bikes will solve itself as newer battery technologies reach mass-production in larger packs and the danger issue will become less acute once they’re forced off the sidewalks!

  • Paul says:

    They are not ‘clean’. They are just another technology that allows people to move around while ignoring the energy (and the associated carbon costs) needed to do so. We need, as a planet, to move away from what is essentially laziness.

  • David says:

    Well, that’s one way to look at it but in most of the developing world the alternative is a bunch of two-stroke scooters that belch blue smoke all day long. In California, my step-mom’s PV panels can charge one of these with no pollution at all.

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