Monday Commute: Enough Already!

We’ve only had brief interludes of sun and rain between what feels like interminable stretches of fog blanketing the Valley. I saw on the weather report this morning that they’re calling for rain tomorrow which, for once, will be a welcome change. Unfortunately, once the front passes the fog is supposed to settle right back in. My wife, who would never consider such a thing, only half-kiddingly threatened to go to a tanning salon just to get some UV (don’t worry, she wasn’t serious). I know we have no right to complain as there are people under 10 feet of snow somewhere, but it sure would be nice to see the sun one of these days!

13 Responses to “Monday Commute: Enough Already!”

  • bongobike says:

    Lack of sunlight really gets to me too. Hang in there, it’ll be back soon enough.

  • Johnny says:

    Beautiful shot! I see you run the same rear light config as I do. :)

  • Wijnandt T de Vries says:

    Me too am sensitive for a lack of sunlight and prone to get the winter blues. A few weeks ago I purchased the Philips goLITE BLU-energielamp on , and using this every morning at breakfast really makes a big difference!

  • Sharper says:

    Seasonal Affective Disorder always seems to hit we Californians harder than most…

  • Alan says:


    Has anyone else noticed that the acronym for Seasonal Affective Disorder is “SAD”? Must be somebody’s idea of a bad joke… ;-)


  • Lovely Bicycle! says:

    We have plenty of sun here. Looks beautiful with the heaps of snow glistening in the 20 degree F temperatures!

  • Tamia Nelson says:

    Great photo, Alan, and join the club. No sun here in the northern Adirondacks since the Solstice, but for a brief — as in MINUTES — showing a couple days before the new year. My skin is turning transparent. Give me sun!

  • Alan says:


    I saw your post on the same subject, Tamia. I hope you get some sunshine soon!


  • Doug R. says:

    My SAD disorder is quickly becoming ” f–king MAD” disorder! I need warm weather and sunlight.

  • David says:

    Suck it up, folks. Let me tell you about Seattle weather…

  • Alan says:


    LOL. I lived there for 10 years, then fled to places south to regain my sanity… ;-) Seriously, it’s a lovely city, but all that greenery comes at a price (long, dark winters). I think too many years of bike commuting through Seattle winters forever ruined my taste for rain riding…


  • David says:

    Yeah, it’s a great place but if you can’t deal with the dark, it’ll get to you eventually.

  • Gary says:

    Just got a new light setup… the road riders group. The rear light is unbelievably bright. If you want to be seen, check it out.

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