Gallery: Karen’s Rivendell Betty Foy

Karen sent me these photos of her new Rivendell Betty Foy with a custom cream and red paint job. What a beaut’! Thanks for sharing and enjoy your new bike, Karen!

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  • Allison says:

    Is it wrong to covet someone else’s bike?

  • Brian says:

    Nice lugwork!

  • Alan says:


    I think a lot of that goes on around here… :-)

  • Aaron says:

    I would love to get one of these for my wife. I wish they weren’t so expensive.

  • Logan says:

    Beautiful bike! I wonder if a matching red saddle would be too much? :)


  • arevee says:

    Yes, very nice lugwork. I have a Sam Hillborne and the lugs are much less ornate. The paint shows off the lugs nicely.

  • Karen says:

    Thanks for posting these so quickly, Alan! And thanks, Everybody, for the great comments. My husband Geoff gets the credit for picking the colors. The regular blue is nice, but this is my early 50th BD present and I wanted to make it extra special. By early, I mean two years early LOL I couldn’t stand the thought of drooling over Michael’s Betty for two more years.

  • Lovely Bicycle! says:

    Unbelievable how different this bike looks with the custom paint.
    What a great “early birthday” gift!

  • Leaf S. says:


  • Beth L says:

    Hey I saw that bike when it was just a frame!!!!! I’ll post mine here when it arrives….it’s got custom paint for a Betty, too! Happy pedaling!

  • Karen says:

    Ooh, I’m looking forward to seeing another custom-painted Betty! Waiting is tough, Beth, but it’s worth the wait and I’m sure you’ll be pleased.

    Allison, I do a lot of coveting around here… and that’s how I got a Surly LHT like Alan and a Betty like Michael. Now I need to just covet and not buy LOL

    Logan, the red saddle is cool, but I’ve gotten that Brooks broken in just right with my sitbones (had it on a previous bike).

    Arevee – I guess the lugwork is less ornate on the Sam because Betty has all those little hearts (which might look too girly on Sam). I did test ride a Sam too and liked it a lot… but figured I should go with the Betty as it will be easier to ride when I’m on the other side of 60.

  • Doug R. says:

    Doug R. @ Karen, Great bike Karen! I just took delivery of my Sam H. (custom paint too!)
    I am hoping for better photograph weather here in Sacramento. (overcast) I think the custom paint touches on the lugs just blow the bike into the Stratosphere! I am very pleased! I will share soon, and again your bike is the bomb! Dougman Riv Rules!

  • Beth L says:

    @ Karen: I am dearly looking forward to my new wheels! Yours Betty is great. I like the way you used barcloth…clev!! I have been collecting accessories in the meantime and they are stashed in my ShopSack in the closet!

    @ Doug R. Perhaps a spring Sac Riv Rider Rendezvous should commence? Or, would that be the Tweed Ride [that I missed :( ]

  • Doug R. says:

    Doug R @ Beth! Great concept Beth! Hit Alan up for a Sacramento Riv Riders outing, (tweed or maybe light tweed)? We should get them all together for a ride and photo op! A nice write up by Alan would be cool too. wink, wink, nudge, nudge Alan. Let’s all get some pics of our rides in to Alan! Talk to you soon, Dougman

  • CTP says:

    at first glance, it looks like a murray or ross from the ’70s/80s! but maybe that’s a good thing.

  • Karen says:

    Wow! Sounds like Beth and Doug are also in NorCal? I want in on that ride too :) And I’d like to see your Rivs in person too.

    CTP – I’m familiar with Murray but will have to google Ross.

  • Doug R. says:

    Doug R. @ Karen, Hey Karen, where are you folks located? We all might be able to “nudge” Alan
    into creating a Riv Riders ride? We had a wet New Year’s day “Tweed” ride, and it was still a Blast! So, I am up for getting the Riv machines together! Dougman

  • Mohjho says:

    Soma has come out with a nice mixe frame set. Nice looking, bit more affordable.

  • Alan says:

    @Doug, et al

    It’s my friends Rick & Erin who host the Sacramento Tweed rides. Visit their site here:

    The next ride is scheduled for March 28th. Let’s all show up and compare Riv notes then!


  • Doug R. says:

    Alan, we know about the tweed rides, I think Karen, Beth, and I might be thinking about a Riv owners meeting? Just musing around old friend. I still am “bogged” down by bad weather
    and have not gotten any Sam H. pics to you, however, I gotta tell you, WOW, they even painted cream accents in every hole on the lugs even under the bottom bracket! (most people would never think to look under there?) That’s the Rivendell treatment! I am very pleased.
    Hey, really, just showing up for the Tweed ride in march is ok with me, but I usually like to take my old black Raleigh Super course on the Tweed rides as it fits the image thing.

    I will however, bring the Sam if you guys all bring yours! Pray for better weather, Dougman

  • Alan says:


    I’d love to attend if someone else wants to organize a ride, but I’m too busy to take on the task…


  • Doug R. says:

    Alan, we all are “crazy” busy these days. I am the worst organizer on the planet, so I can only offer transport (truck to haul bikes to a given location)and general tid bit help. I really don’t know how many folks have Rivs in our local? Maybe a question for the blog? I will commit to assisting other riders get their machines to a location and back home if they have a distance to come. I however, will not drive to LA. or something crazy like that to get a rider. Well , mull things over old friend and maybe something could happen for us after the next “Tweed” ride.
    I like Rick and Erin too!, but Rivs well, they need to be exposed to the bike community!


  • Alan says:


    There are already Bay Area Riv rides you might want to attend. Keep an eye out on the RBW Group:


  • Karen says:

    Wow, just realized there were a bunch of posts here that I’d missed! Sorry about that. Anyway, I live in Fairfield which is right between San Francisco and Sacramento off I-80. I think I’ll make the March tweed ride. Only glitch may be a church commitment on Sundays. I should still be able to leave Fairfield at 10 a.m. and make an 11:00 ride (if that’s what they do). I’m also open to a Riv Ride and will keep an eye on the RBW Google Group. Can’t wait to see your Sam, Doug!

  • Karen says:

    OMG – the last two rides I found on the Google Group were 90 miles each! Napa and Lake Counties… and SF to Pt Reyes. I think the tweed ride is more my speed. Been a long time since I rode a century.

  • Doug R. says:

    Doug R. @ Karen, we should all make the March 28th Sac Tweed ride and get to know each other and see how rides could develop. I too only want to put in maybe 30-50 miles max.
    The tweed things are casual and friendly, great folks!

  • Beth L. says:

    Happy Spring Everyone! I’m happy to say I’m picking up my Betty Foy this Sat 3/27…just in the nick of time for the Sacramento Tweed Ride!!!!

    My bike’s green (Sam Hillborne Green that is!) and cream. I plan on being at the Bicycle Kitchen for the start. Even though I’ll be riding a mixte, I’m still wearing tweed knickers and argyle socks, so say Hi!

    See you all there!

    Finally!! :)

  • Karen says:

    Hi Beth! I look forward to meeting you and your new Betty on Sunday!

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