Kara Ginther Exhibition

From North Central Cyclery:

North Central Cyclery is proud to announce an exhibit of the exquisite work of artist Kara Ginther opening February 6th, 2010. The exhibition will include an array of custom carved leather Brooks bicycle saddles and a few other rare Brooks Saddles owned by North Central Cyclery.

Kara Ginther is a leather artisan based in Madison, WI and while her work has been widely shown on popular cycling and bike culture websites, this will be the first physical exhibition centered on her saddles since she began carving them a few years ago. The exhibit will include 2 saddles from Ginther’s Mobile Museum of Material Culture, a tandem bicycle modified to be a mobile art exhibit. Also on display will be a few never-before-seen saddleworks Kara has been working on this winter. One saddle is being commissioned by NCC specifically for the exhibit.

More information at North Central Cyclery
Kara Ginther

5 Responses to “Kara Ginther Exhibition”

  • Molnar says:

    I dunno – it looks like the Persian rug problem to me: they’re too beautiful to use in the intended manner, so they will end up as display pieces. I just don’t think I could bring myself to sit on one of these.

  • Joy says:

    Unspeakable beauty. I would DEFINITELY use this saddle.

  • Alan says:

    I just enjoy seeing the artwork, regardless of whether or not it’s practical… :-)

  • Doug R. says:

    I just can’t bear to put art up my a–! Hang it in the gallery! I still like the couch that was made out of Brooks saddles more.

  • randomray says:

    You can check some of her great work on flickr at http://www.flickr.com/photos/kgleather/ . Just a thought remember that tooled leather saddles have been used on horses for over a thousand years . I have seen well used leather saddles that are 50 years old . Well , they were my saddles . Really do check out her saddles . While at flickr check out her Mobile Museum of Material Cultue , I just love it .

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