Talking to David Hembrow

Another excellent video from Mike Rubbo at, this one an interview with David Hembrow of A View From the Cycle Path.

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  • mike rubbo says:

    Thank so much, Ecovelo for rebroadcasting our film, Talking with David Hembrow. David’s passion for the riding style of his adopted home, Holland, comes through so nicely, thanks to Violeta’s shooting.

    Hopefully, the idea that the best bikes for just getting around are usually sit-up bike, is gaining traction. As he says, racing bikes, mountain bikes, have their place, but it’d not right when reportage on them takes all the oxygen, and the humble work bikes he speaks about, get little or no attention.

    Your blog of course gives such bikes plenty of place. Also you celebrate the beauty of bikes and biking which is essential. With that in mind, do have a look at our latest film, The Waltz of the Bikes, also made with Violeta Brana-Lafourcade’s footage from the same trip.

    I’m trying to rectify something with it. Talking to people on the street here in Australia about cycling, I discovered that the average person could not imagine themselves on a bike, even though they’d loved riding when younger.

    This seemed to be because the image of cycling has been captured by the racer on his bike, colorfully layered in promotional Lycra. Since people can’t see themselves being part of that world, they just put cycling aside, mentally.

    I made the Waltz film to remind these folks that riding a bike need not be like that, that it’s easy, comfortable, that you can wear your own clothes, that your wrists don’t have to ache, nor you neck or shoulders, that it can be, as David says, fun.

    So the Waltz film, and David’s too, are image replacement therapy for those now lost to cycling. Mike Rubbo

  • Doug R. says:

    Someone please put me in carry on luggage and take me to Holland too! I’ll pay the freight to ship my Bridgestone xo-1 over there! Great video!

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