Gallery: Dave’s 1980 Bob Jackson

This is my 1980 Bob Jackson touring bike that I commute with. Living in the Pocono Mtns. of NE Pennsylvania, the ride into town is a delight with 8.5 miles of the 10 mile ride being downhill. The ride home is another issue.

The bike is equipped with mostly original components dating back to 1980. Mostly Sun Tour Superb with Mountech front derailleur. Honjo fenders are a recent addition and I ride on 700×32 vittoria touring tires which smooth out the first 1 mile of gravel road quite well.

I fantasize about a new bike with an internal hub and belt drive, but this old machine keeps running. (By the way, I’m a potter by trade and that is one of my pots in the backround.)

Regards, Dave

11 Responses to “Gallery: Dave’s 1980 Bob Jackson”

  • bongobike says:

    Man, I love chromed frames! Nice pot too.

  • Rudy says:

    Second bongobike, on all fronts. Perhaps Alan could link to you pottery site, if you have one, as way of thanking you for sharing this gem.

  • Willis says:

    WoW! That is a really sharp bicycle…kudos but how did you get it so clean?! My 1982 Lotus Eclair is perpetually dirty from my 6 mile commute (mostly asphalt but some gravel river trails) but I guess the fact that I have a white frame dosen’t help…

  • David says:

    Sweet ride. I agree on the chromed frame, they’re gorgeous and timeless.

    As a counterpoint, I’ll have to send in some shots of my grimy but beautifully functional 1993 Diamondback Overdrive Comp. It’s one of the original factory 29ers (MTB hardtail frame and solid fork with 700C wheels) which I bought as a city commuter after my old mutt got stolen. I swapped out the original big meat tires for some Conti Top Tourings, put some cheap used pedals to grab my cleats, added fenders-rack-lights, and she’s been good to go ever since.

    The True Temper OX frame is long and heavy, but it’s bombproof and rides well even with 30 lbs hanging off the side of the rack. The Suntour greaseguard hubs and BB simply will not die and the Suntour XC Pro rear derailleur still shifts as well as the day I bought it.

    This damn bike makes it awfully hard to justify one of those pretty new $2K city bikes. It’s going to take something damn near my ideal to get me to upgrade.

  • Rex in Phoenix says:

    Gorgeous… my kind of bike. In some ways I think bikes reached their apex in the mid 1980s. I know there are reasonable counter-arguments to that proposition, but for me bikes have gotten neither funner to ride nor more aesthetically pleasing since then.

  • doug in seattle. says:

    Wow. What kind of cranks are those? They look really nice.

  • David says:

    I’ve been admiring these pictures again. I love the silver theme throughout, executed all the way down to the water bottle, and set off by the beautiful leather of the saddle and bar tape. Superb!

  • Doug R. says:

    Dave, Great bike, I teach ceramics to high School students here in Sacramento, Now I am going to have to post pics of my bikes with some “Raku” Pots in the background! Great pics!
    The iron red pots remind me of Cambodian funerary urns nice work! Dougman.

  • Duke in Scotland says:

    I had a touring red and white Bob Jackson bought in !982 for £500, I used it for touring Africa, Asia, general touring and commuting. Great bike, Had it re-sprayed in 1990 same colour with added chrome forks. Sadly it was stolen in Aberdeen in 1996.
    I ride a Brompton now, but the Bob Jackson will always be special to me.

  • Lovely Bicycle! says:

    That is a seriously beautiful bicycle!

  • Tim says:

    Carbon what’s it who? Forget all that…this bike is basically my dream ride.

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