10 Responses to “33FF00”

  • Croupier says:

    This is what happens to your bike on drugs.

  • Arleigh says:

    Wow! Tell me more about lighting!

  • Doug R. says:

    I had black light posters with colors like that back in the day! (grins) : )

  • Alan says:


    It was a 10 second exposure. It was dark other than a bit of ambient light from the street light to the left and the light coming off the headlight. The rest of the light was “painted” on the bike with a flashlight. In other words, I clicked the shutter open, then walked past and around the bike with the flashlight pointing down toward the bike. The streak of light to the upper left is the flashlight. You can’t see me because I kept moving and made sure the light was pointed away from my body.


  • Rob says:

    Ahah… a 6-digit HEX code sight gag!

  • placid casual says:

    it is a fun technique. i look forward to seeing more of your creations using it.

  • Alan says:


    Rob wins… :-)

  • Tamia Nelson says:

    WOW, Alan, that is a great shot. Thanks for explaining how you did it. If it ever stops snowing here I’ll have to try it myself. Great work! Great bike!

  • placid casual says:


    don’t wait for the snow to stop, it’s even more effective
    one of my attempts: http://www.flickriver.com/photos/placid_casual/

  • Tamia Nelson says:

    @placid casual

    COOL shot (haha). You encourage me to go out and give it a try. Thanks — you have a lot of beautiful photos there.

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