How Quickly We Forget

I was off for two weeks and almost forgot why I commute by bike, then I rode home tonight and thought, “Ah yes; that’s why.”

6 Responses to “How Quickly We Forget”

  • Lucas says:

    I cannot tell you how much I understand how you felt today… for as I was riding home tonight (amidst the snow, ice, and below freezing temps) all I could think was, “damn this is nice… I could be stuck on the damn train!”

    I really love it.

  • shane says:

    Completely agree with how great the feeling is. There is nothing better than feeling the crisp air and viewing the gorgeous scenery. Someone said to me today, “still riding your bike huh?” They have no idea what they’re missing. I’m a participant with earth each day.

  • Helton says:

    Oh, yeah, commuting is forgetting…
    I am at work now (by bike today first time this year), and my dear bike chain is… at home…
    At least we have electric fence here! But old habits die hard, and soon the commuting rituals would come back.
    Very nice shot, hope to see an evening sky like this soon (in Brazil it’s raining a lot, and it’s summer! Our post-rain sunsets are awsome!)

  • Rex in Phoenix says:

    We get some nice sunsets/sunrises here but overall I have to say the available routes to and from work aren’t exactly awe inspiring. Strip malls and apartment complexes. Or there’s the canal that winds past the picturesque water treatment facility. Oh and the valley has this amazing meteorological phenomenon of reversing wind direction around 4PM every day, effectively creating a headwind morning and night for me.

    Fortunately riding a bike in and of itself is just plain fun. That’s why I do it.

  • Elaine says:

    Between temps in the teens (F), followed by a terrible cold, a vacation, a flat tire, and a holiday, I only got back to the bike Monday myself. (unintentionally, as it happens.) And yes, it is so good to get back to it, even in the rain & dark…I won’t see a sunset on my way home until about the end of this month at the earliest!

  • Phil Barns says:

    We’re currently experiencing the coldest UK winter in about 30 years; I cycled my usual route to work through horizontal gales of snow yesterday, only getting off to push on the very steepest inclines, on roads which non 4×4 motorists couldn’t begin to negotiate. The Yuba Mundo has proved itself to be ideal over/through snow, and it was great not to have to deal with the poor driving skills of motorists on a single track farm road for once.

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