Back to Work

As much as I’ve enjoyed leisurely sitting around sipping coffee each morning on my recent vacation, I have to admit it was nice to get on the road early this morning for the first time in a couple of weeks. For all of you coming back from vacation today, have a great first day back and enjoy your ride!

12 Responses to “Back to Work”

  • veronica choroco says:

    So true! I was getting tired of sleeping late and hanging around my apartment too much. Have a great first day as well and thanks for keeping your amazing website alive and kicking!

  • Larry Guevara says:

    Still foggy and cold here in the middle of California, and grateful for one more week of vacation.

  • bongobike says:

    I’m back in the office today too, but no bike commuting for me. My wife insisted I drive her to work everyday! :(

  • Jonathan Harding says:

    I was multi-modal on this freezing east coast day. Bike to bus for me.

  • Sara says:

    I had an invigorating 20-something degree ride this morning. I thought my lungs were going to freeze. A little warmer this afternoon, thankfully. It’s nice to get back on my bike again after spending hours in cars driving to visit family.
    Happy New Year!

  • Andrew says:

    First real serious day of slush-plowing for me; I’m certainly glad I decided to get a beater bike for winter. At least it was warmer than it’s been the past few days (only -8 C…before wind chill, that is).

  • AJ Smith says:

    Well, 15F, NW winds at 25 mph, and snow/slush; welcome back work. And thank you GT Peace 9r single speed.


  • Jeff says:

    While I was off, I was sick and couldn’t ride so I removed the zip ties and hemp twined my wald 137 basket to the front rack of my Raleigh One Way. All the way down both sides! A labor of love! when I’m well enough I’m going to shellac it too. Yes, it looks cool. Yes I know I’m anal.

  • Steve Fuller says:

    -6F for the commute in. +1F for the commute home. Windchill was actually a factor on the way home. Only 15 – 20 minutes each way, but it was invigorating.

  • Lovely Bicycle! says:

    I have an unconventional schedule and worked through much of winter break – but today and tomorrow I have off, and so does my husband. An unusual work schedule can be tough, but then getting weekdays off all to yourself has many benefits.

  • Adrienne says:

    Today is the start of my vacation. The kids are back at school and the husband is back to work. The apartment is mine!!!! (after 10 months of unemployment I have decided that I am now a full time housewife and am embracing it fully. This also means my primary commute is to the coffee shop on the way to pick up the youngest from preschool : )

  • Alan says:


    Enjoy the peace and quiet… :-)

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