Another Year Gone By

In the spirit of taking a look back while continuing to move forward, we gathered together some highlights from the past year at EcoVelo. Let’s start by looking at the individual posts that received the most direct traffic:

Posts with the Most Views

  1. Gallery: John’s Rohloff-Equipped Surly Cross-Check
  2. Keen Commuter
  3. Gallery: Alan’s Surly Long Haul Trucker
  4. More Sam H. Pics
  5. Jtek Alfine/Nexus Compatible Bar-End Shifter
  6. First Look: Civia Bryant
  7. Basil Kavan II Natural Panniers
  8. Trek Belleville
  9. Planet Bike Blaze 1W
  10. Velo Orange Model 3 Saddle

Most of these posts had high numbers because they received incoming links from well-known, high-traffic cycling websites. Others were popular because pretty bikes and cool parts always get lots of attention.

Next, let’s look at the posts that generated the most comments:

Posts with the Most Comments

  1. My Stance On Bicycle Helmets
  2. Bike Cameras
  3. Quiet Killers
  4. Bicycle Helmet Pros & Cons
  5. Bicycle Mirror Pros & Cons
  6. The Decidedly Unfashionable Chartreuse Safety Vest
  7. Hybrid Electric Bicycles
  8. Foot Loose
  9. A Friendly Debate
  10. Cyclelicious: A United Front?

Most of these posts made the list because the topics were controversial enough to spark “lively” discussions. The big surprise was the popularity of the Bike Cameras post. Though we didn’t see that one coming, we’ve since learned that photographers are even more opinionated than bicyclists! ;-)

And finally, in no particular order, here are a few of our personal favorites for the year:

Some of Our Personal Favorites

We also want to take this opportunity to offer a heartfelt “thank you” to our readers, sponsors, friends, family, and fellow bloggers. It’s only with your support that we can do what we do. We have big plans for 2010, so stick around and enjoy the ride!

Wishing you a happy, healthy, and prosperous new year! —Alan & Michael

9 Responses to “Another Year Gone By”

  • Surly John says:

    Woo Hoo! My Cross-Check on the most viewed list! Imagine that. Happy New Year Alan

  • Madness says:

    Happy New Year, Alan & Michael. I’m so glad we got to know each other better this year. Best to you and yours for 2010. xoxo, Danette

  • Leo Kodl says:


    Thanks to you for another year of your very entertaining/informative blog! Happy New Year to you and yours!! (Count me in on your 2010 blog “ride”!)

    Leo in Monterey

  • Bob H says:

    Hau’oli Makihiki Hou!

    Thanks for all your hard work this year!

  • Tamia Nelson says:

    Thanks for the great posts, Alan & Michael, and for your photo contests which give us all a chance to participate. Happy New Year to you, and to everyone who reads this great blog.

  • mike says:

    Happy New Year, Alan and Michael! And thank you for a great year of beautiful photos and informative, lively posts. You’ve been a huge part of my 2009 re-discovery of cycling!

  • tim says:

    Happy New Year Alan,

    Thanks for a great site/reference/blog.


  • Tom Barone says:

    Thank you Alan and Michael for a wonderful year. Big plans ” for 2010— can’t wait for the new year to get started. Please count me in for the ride!

  • Dottie says:

    Happy new year to you both! Thank you for your wonderful blog. I look forward to all of your 2010 rides and reviews.

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