Cursing the Bixi (Not Really)

Funny stuff from Rene Bruemmer at The Gazette:

I curse the Bixi, and Mayor Gérald Tremblay along with it.

Until the inauguration of the bike-sharing system and its annoyingly jovial trendsetting two-wheelers, plus Tremblay’s Stalinesque obsession to enlarge Montreal’s bike-path network, the roads of the city were my own personal cycling domain.

With the exception of the strange cult of sociopathic bike couriers, a few green nuts and some impoverished student-types, there were not many like me pedalling to and from work all year round.

Friends and colleagues marvelled at my strength and courage, my dedication to single-handedly saving the planet. Yes, I would concur modestly, I am great. And, by extension, you are not.

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4 Responses to “Cursing the Bixi (Not Really)”

  • brad says:

    The Bixi’s first year certainly was a LOT more successful than anyone imagined. We’ll have to see how it holds up after the novelty wears off, but it’s definitely been a hit.

    To get an appreciation for how well-covered Montreal and its suburbs are by bike paths, check out:

    Move the map around and look at all the green and blue pathways — those are all bike paths! And more are in the works every year. The green paths are the ones that are physically separated from car traffic; the blue ones are not (these are usually bike lanes on streets, marked with sharrows). The Bixi stations aren’t showing up right now because Bixi season is over…it’ll start again in May.

  • John says:

    Oh, that is a wonderful story. Hooray for Montreal!

  • Nico says:

    I got to bike in Montréal this summer and I was surprised at how enjoyable it was! A gorgeous city, and more bike friendly than I expected. I didn’t get to try the Bixi as I had my own little folding bike, but every time I saw a Bixi station I thought to myself what a great idea this is.

  • BikeBike says:

    I have had the great pleasure of riding BIXI twice this year and it is a great system – easy to use, lots of stations, and sturdy bikes.

    If you are in Montreal between May and November – ya gotta give them a go! So fun!

    Here is a shot of me Bixi-ing in September –

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