Discovering Brooks Saddles

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10 Responses to “Discovering Brooks Saddles”

  • Jeff says:

    Very cool video, thanks Alan! I love the Brooks saddles and have the B17 Standard on both of my bikes.

  • Sean says:

    I’ve been riding with Brooks saddles for years. I’ve got a B-17 on my touring bike and a Swift on my go-fast bike. Both saddles are awesome. Watching these videos gives me even more appreciation for the saddles, as I better understand the tradition and all of the hand work that went into making them.

    Thank you, also, for this website, which I recently discovered. I’m sure that your site will help me as I attempt to become a bicycle commuter.

  • eddie f says:

    love the new vo setback silver seatpost…and the brooks saddle on my 3 bikes. but wouldn’t it be cool if they’d modernize just a bit and make the rails slightly longer?

  • Andrew says:


    Great share. I love my B17 and B17N and will be purchasing a Swift or Swallow in the near future.


  • Tom Barone says:


    Thank you for these fine videos, I have a Swift Saddle on my ” fixie” and a B-17 Special on my city bike. I will have a ” Swallow” saddle on my new Fuji Road bike as well.

    Once these saddles conform to your body they are truly enjoyable.

    Tom Barone

  • Bob H says:

    Currently I have four bikes and five Brooks Saddles. I guess I’m going to have to buy another bike. ;->

    I’ve got two standard black B-17s and two B-17 Specials (one Honey, one British Racing Green), as well as a B-68. The only one I’m not completely pleased with is the B-68 and that’s mostly because it still needs to be broken in more and, unfortunately, it lives on the bike I ride the least.


  • Doug R. says:

    Alan, I have two b-17 saddles , one on my old Raleigh and one on my Xo-1 Bridgestone.
    I just bought the nice little handlebar tool bag for the xo. Thanks for the great videos! I say put up the pic I sent you of the Brooks couch the Japanese folks made! Dougman

  • Erkki says:

    I ride one citybike which is “pimped” with the B66. Brooks is maybe the best saddle to use with cork or leather grips.

  • Labann says:

    Brooks are not indestructible. Don’t overtighten (almost never) tensioning nut. Don’t turn bike over onto saddle on pavement and scratch. Get wet while breaking it in, but wipe and allow to air dry. Don’t leave out in weather.

    My new B-17 has 35,000 miles on it and looks like it will outlast me. I did wear out a B-17 that last migrated onto a late 60’s Fuji… it wasn’t ruined but cosmetically beat. Regret tossing it out. It had a brownish “crinkled finish”. On my new DeRosa, I installed a dozen other brands ‘and suffered before slapping myself in the forehead and installing a new Brooks.

    Why resent spending on the most critical comfort bits of a bicycle? Pedals, saddle and wheels are not places to economize.

  • Bert says:

    I have a B-17 on my Brompton for about 5 years now, I totally love it. I just got my girlfriend one of the new B-17 F models through Brompton, well worth the money.

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