Wald 137 Basket / Rivendell Sackville ShopSack

We’re always looking for new ways to carry stuff on our bikes. Panniers are great, as are porteur racks, messenger bags, and saddle bags, but we’ve found one of the most useful accessories for everyday hauling is a basket. Wood and wicker baskets like the Peterboro basket on Michael’s Betty Foy are functional and visually attractive, though they can be a bit fragile. Wire baskets, while not as aesthetically pleasing as wood baskets, are more utilitarian and resistant to damage than their wood counterparts. We tested the Wald Woody earlier this year and really liked it, so now we’re trying out the smaller Wald 137.

Wald baskets have been made in Maysville, Kentucky, USA since 1929 and are undoubtedly the best wire baskets available. They’re constructed from zinc-plated steel and nicely finished with no burrs or edges to catch on bags or clothing. The Wald 137 is a medium-sized basket, perfect for carrying a single bag of groceries, or a small commuter bag, laptop bag, or camera bag. The 137 normally comes from the factory with struts, but we ordered ours without struts for mounting on an existing rack. The basket can easily be attached to almost any front or rear rack using either small hose clamps or zip ties.

When used in conjunction with an elastic cargo net, reusable shopping bags work well for carrying groceries in a wire basket. Simply do your shopping, drop the bag in the basket, and lash it down with the net. This is a workable system, but Rivendell has taken the concept a step further with their good looking and heavy duty shopping/storage bag called the Sackville ShopSack.

The ShopSack is offered in two sizes. We tested the medium which is specifically designed to fit the 137 basket. The construction is typical high-end from Rivendell including the best Scottish cotton duck (it’s the same material used by Range Rover for their protective covers), military-spec webbing, melted and smeared thread-ends, and brass fittings. It’s a simple but lovely bag with just one main compartment. It’s nice enough to be used as a carry-all in a professional environment, while also being tough enough for hauling tools or camping supplies. We really like the size and construction; the capacity is about the same as that of a standard grocery sack, but because of its more robust construction and zippered top, the ShopSack is much less unwieldy than a reusable shopping bag filled to the brim.

At $40 the ShopSack is not cheap for such a simple bag, but the price is certainly justified by the fact that the quality is as good as it gets in bicycle bags. My guess is that it will last many years and end up being a great value over time, while also being stylish and functional in the process.

The Wald 137 and Rivendell Sackville ShopSack are nice products on their own, but their functionality increases exponentially when used together. The basket can easily be attached to any existing rack, and with the addition of the ShopSack, the carrying capacity is effectively doubled while the issue of carrying small items in a wire basket is eliminated. Add to this the convenience of carrying the bag with you into the grocery store, library, or office, and you have an extremely functional system that is welcome addition to almost any bicycle used for commuting, shopping, or errands.

Wald 137 Wire Basket
Rivendell Sackville ShopSack

Disclosure: Wald and Rivendell are sponsors of this site and provided some of the items used in this review.

11 Responses to “Wald 137 Basket / Rivendell Sackville ShopSack”

  • noneck says:

    can u tell me more about the front rack u have?

  • Alan says:


    Here you go:



  • Jeff says:

    WOW! That basket fits nicely on that rack!

  • Neighbourtease says:

    This looks absolutely wonderful on your bike. What a great design! I really admire Rivendell. I love when functional items are beautiful. Yay!

    Is the Wald 137 the one that’s 15 x 10 x 4.75? If so, I have this basket on my old Raleigh and this bag would be great for me because it’s not some fancy rack that’s ripe for theft (NYC, here), but it looks great and is utterly functional. Thanks for this. Great blog, too. I’ve been reading it for a while and found you when I was researching buying a Pashley (which I did do and I love it).

  • Alan says:


    “Is the Wald 137 the one that’s 15 x 10 x 4.75? “

    That’s the one.

    Happy Holidays!

    PS – Thanks for the kind words! :-)

  • John says:

    Nice rack and a great recommendation for the Wald/Sackville combo. Was leaning towards buying and this helped much!

    A bit off topic but what kind of light is that?

  • Alan says:


    The light is a Busch & Muller Ixon.


  • Riley says:

    Do you feel that the basket is too shallow? I have a very functional wire mesh basket, that is definitely ugly, but I feel more suitable for utility type hauling. To me the wide gaps in the Wald basket make it look like it’s only suitable for bags. I like to throw my keys in my basket, for instance. and wallet and phone when I’m taking longer jaunts throughout the city. Any thoughts on this guys?

  • Andy E says:

    Riley- I have a wald basket on my utility bike, i’ve found it works best used with a rear bag also, for all my loose small stuff (phone, wallet, patch kit etc.). I also bring a few “chico bags” with me everywhere. They are the type of bags that pack down into a small pocket and have a small clip to attach to the basket.

    here’s a picture

  • Andy E says:

    err.. or no picture. here it is on flickr


  • David Coldiron says:

    I zip-tied the silghtly larger Wald 139 to the Nitto R14 on the front of my Surly Big Dummy…


    …then I took BART to Rivendell and picked up a Large Olive ShopSack. 


    I am beyond pleased with the results. Lots of durable ultility, and I like the look.

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