Thursday Evening Commute: Epic Sunset

3 Responses to “Thursday Evening Commute: Epic Sunset”

  • chris says:

    great shots

  • Karl OnSea says:

    Lovely photos – they seem very American, from over this side of the pond!

    The second one raises a question for me – what’s the deal with bar-end shifters? I have them on my race bike’s aero-bars, so I can dance up & down through the ratios & keep the cadence in the 95-108rpm band, whilst staying tucked down . . . but on a more sensible, sit-up-and-look-the-scenery-in-the-eye-bike? This isn’t a criticism – I just feel that I’m probably missing something!

  • Alan says:


    Thanks for the kind words regarding the photos!

    Re the bar-end shifters – they’re extremely comfortable and convenient in that location on an Albatross or North Road bar; perfect for riding in city traffic when you don’t want to hunt around for a shifter while dodging delivery trucks… :-)


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