The Pedal Co-Op

From The Pedal Co-Op website:

The Pedal Co-Op is a worker-run organization that offers environmentally-friendly services such as recycling-by-bicycle to local businesses in Philadelphia.

We currently transport compost to local gardens and recyclables to Blue Mountain Recycling (the only single-stream recycling center in Philadelphia) using trailers attached to bicycles.

The Pedal Co-Op’s goal is to diminish the caustic environmental impact that is threaded into everyday modern life.

We are dedicated to ethical and sound business practices that promote the fair and cooperative business ideology and encourage the ideals of a sustainable lifestyle.

The Pedal Co-Op

4 Responses to “The Pedal Co-Op”

  • Saddle Up says:


  • David says:

    Very Cool.

    I’ve been cycling to the recycling center pulling a Burley trailer for years now. It’s only about 3 miles to the recycling center at the dump.

  • Kris LK says:

    Great idea. It has my head working now on some possibilities… :)

  • Brandon says:

    Reminds me of Pedal People here in Western Massachusetts: “a worker-owned human-powered delivery and hauling service”

    Every time I see them hauling a massive trailer up a hill through the snow I get jealous and my wife can’t understand why.

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