What’s Not to Like?

Ahh, if only we had such “problems” here in the US! Bakfietsen really are such beautiful and practical vehicles when compared to SUVs.

[via Amsterdamize]

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  • mike says:

    the protagonist seems like a plant… arguing for the sake of argument – but otherwise – nice find! we miss our bakfiets – ours moved on to a new home not too long ago… the new owner is using it with his 3 girls…!

  • mike says:

    i should have said the ‘antagonist’… sorry. :(

  • Duncan Watson says:

    It is a cute video. Overall I think it ends up being a pro-bakfiets video.

  • Do The Right Thing » The Anti-Bike Lunatic Fringe … » Sweat365 » Fitness Community says:

    […] sort of – have a look at this video that came via EcoVelo and Amsterdamize […]

  • Amsterdamize says:

    @Duncan the whole country is very much pro-bakfiets, trust me, this report gives the very few ‘anties’ just a bit too much credit…although the two who feature in this video don’t exactly pull it off ;)’. But yes, still cute enough.

  • Chris Moore says:

    She’s not a plant, she’s just a bimbo, that’s all…..

  • Jason says:

    It kind of like asking a teenager in the State if they like Mom’s minivan. Not sexy at all. Great problem for the Netherlands to have, a style of bike so common it has lost its unique factor. I look forward to having that problem here.

  • Adrienne says:

    I hope to borrow one from a friend sometime soon (he offered his the other night when I said I wanted to try one). I want to see what it is like to ride one around.

  • Ron says:

    Well, now I know how to pronounce the word; bahk’-feetz ;-)

  • David says:

    Holland has such amazing bicycle facilities. They are a shining example to us all.

    I have become friends with many Dutch while looking into getting a velomobile.

    One such friend, a Englishman who with his family moved to Holland has a very nice blog about cycling and the exemplary bicycle facilities they have there.


  • David says:

    PS; Plus he has many wonderful cycling videos on Youtube


  • John says:

    My favorite line in the video clip is the woman who, when asked whether the larger size of cargo bikes is a problem, says “maybe they just need to widen the bikeways.” You gotta love it!

  • robert says:

    The Box bikes are now quite common in Portland and it is not unusual to see them everyday for transporting children, dogs or groceries or all three simultaneously. There seems to be a divsion between the short box versions and the long box versions being offered by two different vendors. The two shops are Clever Cycles and Joe Bike. For urban transportation these make so much sense. While Portland will probably never be Amsterdam we have more variety going on bicycling wise than any other city in America and we still have so far to go. I will own a box bike soon when the new baby turns 1 and can be safely transported in the carrier. This is much preferable to a trailer since we can see the child all the time. Please “make those bike paths wider”!


  • DrMekon says:

    We had two bakfietsen for a while (a De Fietsfabriek and a Bakfiets.nl Cargobike). We sold the De Fietsfabriek a while back, and the Cargobike has been brilliant. Unfortunately, the seattube goes too high for my wife to get the seat low enough, so we’re getting a Madsen KG271 this week. It’ll be fun to contrast the front box format with the rear box format. So far, I’ve tried the following cargo / kid-carrying bikes

    De Fietsfabriek 995
    Bakfiets.nl Cargobike Long (plus e-assist version)
    Bakfiets.nl Cargobike Short (plus e-assist version)
    Cristiania Trike
    Zigo Leader
    Burrows 8-Frieght
    Onderwater Tandem
    BSP Moederfiets
    Winther Kangaroo

    Of that lot, the Cargobike (the sort Clever sell in the US) seemed the most sorted to me. Everything just works. Feel lucky that in Cambridge (UK) we have access to shops selling them. I can’t remember the last time I was in town and didn’t see at least one other family on a cargobike.

  • RJ says:

    Not a terrible “problem” to be debating!

    Even the lady who hated them had planned to cycle WITH her children instead of carrying them in a cargo bike! I was waiting for her to talk about cars, but she didn’t!

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