Cargo Bikes on NPR

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On today’s NPR Morning Edition, Deena Prichep went to Portland to talk cargo bikes with Todd Fahrner (Clever Cycles), Philip Ross (Metrofiets), and Carie Weisenbach-Folz (a local who rides a bakfiets). Fun stuff and worth a listen.

Cargo Bikes: Go Ahead And Bring The Kitchen Sink

6 Responses to “Cargo Bikes on NPR”

  • Zen says:

    Great story and I am very glad to see it is getting national exposure!

  • Rick says:

    These things are the absolute future for small companies that need to watch both their bottom line and (to lower their insurance premiums) their employees’ waistlines; within the next ten years, I would be amazed if there isn’t a dozen or so manufacturers in the U.S. making Bakfiets.

    In May, there will be a “Bikefest Sacramento” to compliment the Amgen Race coming through town, and I’m going to see if I can get one of the folks listed in the story to send one down for people to check out!

    Thanks for posting this!

  • kevin E says:

    I listened to that story and thought, “I know those guys, they are down the street”. I work at TerraCycle. Small world here.

  • christian says:


    There’s a dealer in SF who has in the past shown their bikes at things on the peninsula, I believe. They might be worth contacting first as they’re a bit closer.

  • Rick says:

    @ Christian:

    Awesome! I’ll give them a call today–thanks!


  • Mitch says:

    Yes, it’s exciting that this topic is getting national exposure on NPR. However I found the radio story disappointing. It seemed like a bemused journalist sharing her curious “human interest” story, as opposed to revealing a compelling phenomenon that should give an auto-addicted society reason to stop and think. Come on, she only gave Todd Fahrner one mere sound bite of coverage! Nor did she have the cargo bike Mom expound much at all on her obviously joyful choice. Geez.

    Or maybe I’m just being preachy and grumpy..:-)

    PS: Clever Cycles rocks. If you’re local to Portland, check them out.

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