Stuff We Like: Gino Light Mount

The clever little Gino Light Mount bolts on to any M5 threaded eyelet, rackmount, or braze on and accepts any headlight with a standard handlebar-type clamp. It’s a must-have item on bikes with Moustache handlebars or any other bar that doesn’t have a straight section on which to mount a battery-powered headlight. It also allows you to mount a headlight down low on the fork for MUP politeness and improved beam efficiency. The Gino is machined from 6061 aluminum and is available in anodized silver or black. $20 from Paul in Chico.

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  • Bob H says:

    Thanks! I immediately ordered one as I’ve got a Riv Quickbeam with moustache bars being built (hopefully as I write). I was just wondering about lighting and voila, you’ve answered my question. I expect the anodized aluminum version will blend right in to the silver of the frame.


  • sygyzy says:

    It looks exactly like a Twofish Block mount except paired with an adapter.

  • sygyzy says:

    Oops, I feel dumb. The part IS the adapter and then you put on the Twofish. Got it.

  • Helton says:

    I have to sigh each time I see another utility for those midfork braze-ons… Just because I don’t have one (yet). Haven’t noticed that your bike’s not through fork, but “brazed-on” instead, a fairly good solution.

  • Fritz says:

    Chico Gino’s a genius for designing this.

    And then I saw about a zillion of these on my recent trip to Taiwan. Saw them in the bike shop but I don’t remember what the price was. Wasn’t made by Paul, though, that’s for sure.

  • Andrew says:

    Nice. I like that. I currently have trekking bars, so I have enough for a light right near the stem, but it’s not an ideal position for a few reasons, and I’ve been trying to think of other ways I can mount it.

    Unfortunately, this doesn’t work especially well for me either, since I currently have a front rack. And putting it on the rack crossbar seems like a good way to have it get smashed up while parking.

    The hunt continues!

  • Andrew says:

    Also: seems like something that is totally DIY-able. Drill a hole in a pop-bottle cap, insert extra long rack bolt with a spacer on the inside, and voila.

    Not as pretty, but hard to tell when you’ve got a light mounted on it, and costs a sum total of about 23 cents.

  • DrMekon says:

    Not as pretty, but Passport market something functionally identical in the UK, and it’s only £7.

    Of course, chopping the end off a wooden broom handle and drilling a hole through the middle is even cheaper.

  • Eric Shalit says:

    what sorta flashlight is that?

  • Alan says:


    Fenix L2D

  • Willis says:

    Where do I get the velcro and braket that looks to be holding the light to the adapter? I would like to mount a mini-mag light I have just laying around but would need this piece. Thanks!

  • Alan says:


    The rubber/velcro holder is made by TwoFish:


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  • Antoine says:

    I am tempted to make one with plumbing copper tubing and a copper plug.

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