Mike Folks’ Endless Summer Entry

This summer on a trip to New Orleans, I took this pic of my Gary Fisher on Fulton Street. The French Quarter is a great place to ride!

Mike Folks, San Antonio, TX

Gert-Jan Rodenboog’s Endless Summer Entry

My wife Heleen en daughter Ruth on a bike in Holland.

Gert-Jan Rodenboog, the Netherlands

Jim McCracken’s Endless Summer Entry

Spinning along the South Fork of the Clearwater River in Idaho.


John Philip’s Endless Summer Entry

Martha’s Vineyard 2009. A beach, a blanket, a picnic and A. Homer Hilsen

John Philip

Tim Jordan’s Endless Summer Entry

I love everyone’s photos. Heres one of me on Acadia’s carriage roads. They are great for Summer rides. I didn’t need the Pug’s fat tires here but its my favorite bike to ride and the only one I brought on this trip. And of course the photo is my own work… thanks to the camera self timer.

Tim Jordan

Andre Ball’s Endless Summer Entry

For me one of the best parts of summer are the bike camping trips (inspired by the Rivendell/Petersen S24O concept). I love loading up and setting off for a weekend destination, often exploring new places and revisiting favorite places.

This photo was taken on Whidbey Island along a dike. I was riding with the group but saw a little perch I could stop and stand on taking in the riders and the scenery. This particular trip was a 4th annual event and we had almost 50 riders meet in Seattle with their gear and ride 40 miles to South Whidbey State Park.


Richard Masoner’s Endless Summer Entry

This is me riding around at Bayfront Park in Menlo Park. In the photo I’m riding a 2010 Breezer Thunder mountain bike, though I’ve also done these trails with a road bike and a fixed gear bike. I love your photo contests!

Richard Masoner

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