Nathan Johnson’s Endless Summer Entry

Summertime on the east side of the Golden Gate Bridge. Me and my brother were on our way south to Santa Cruz.

Nathan Johnson
The Friday Cyclotouriste

Kimberly Turgen’s Endless Summer Entry

I took this picture on my morning commute. As you might guess it is my favorite part of my ride. To the left is Monterey, CA.


Jack Rayburn’s Endless Summer Entry

This is a photo of my brothers descending Dillon Pass in Badlands National Park, South Dakota, on September 13, 2009. They are ridding a Surly LHT and a Surly CC. We were on our way to ride the Mickelson Trail in the Black Hills of South Dakota and stopped to ride through Badlands National Park. Thanks to you and others for sharing all the cycling photos.

Jack Rayburn

Kate Sage’s Endless Summer Entry

This was taken on a trip my husband and I took to Montreal in early June. We brought our bikes on the train from Toronto to Montreal. In this photo we are riding up Mont-Royal in Montreal. The weather was a bit nasty – it was spitting rain off and on all day. But there were also periods of sunlight and in the park the scenery was great, so it was worth it.

My husband was riding the first bike I ever made – an old Peugeot I painted and named “Yeager” after Chuck Yeager – the first person to break the sound barrier. It’s a great utility bike that has seen many things!


Zachary Elgart’s Endless Summer Entry

Touring the central California coast

Zachary Elgart

Imaginary Bicycle’s Endless Summer Entry

Seen while biking Clear Creek Canyon trail, Sevier Valley, Utah, one morning this past summer: three old compadres carrying on a gentle three-part conversation as they glided on by.

Imaginary Bicycle

Matthew Mooney’s Endless Summer Entry

This was taken on the way home from a S24O last summer.


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