Green Friday

We’re not necessarily anti-commerce, but we have our limits, and the hype surrounding “Black Friday” has definitely pushed us to that limit. As our quiet little protest against the hysteria, we’re going to officially make the Friday after Thanksgiving our own personal “Green Friday”. The day will involve a quiet breakfast at home, followed by a long, slow, bike ride away from the main roads, maybe a picnic with leftovers, and a movie or two in the late afternoon. What the day most definitely will not involve is a car and a lot of hustle-and-bustle.

Danielle Stephens’ Endless Summer Entry

I took this photo of my brother-in-law and his fiance in Amsterdam this summer. I just love that cycling is the preferred form of transportation in this unique city. My husband and I rented a tandem dutch-style bike for the day and had a blast riding through the narrow streets.

Danielle Stephens
Danielle Ashley Photography

Dave Olney’s Endless Summer Entry

On a sunny Saturday in August my daughter and I rode across town on our new city bike path, stopping to feed ducks along the way. We also stopped in front of the old City Hall for this photo op. I rode a 1980 Schwinn 12 speed and she rode a 2008 Schwinn 21 speed.


Patrick Miller’s Endless Summer Entry

There is a certain joy in bike touring New Zealand solo, especially
when you get the camera’s self timer just right. Photo taken on Canal
Rd, MacKenzie Basin, New Zealand


Eric Saner’s Endless Summer Entry

It was the beginning of summer. An hour earlier she had walked across a stage to receive a diploma, the capstone on two years of graduate study. He had started to notice her around campus during that last year, and was glad when they started hanging out. Now, he was taking her down town to their first dinner with her family. Sunshine and opportunity seemed endless.

Eric Saner

Brad Woods’ Endless Summer Entry

Summer to me is going to the park with my kids. A ride to a park up in the mountains is even better! In this case, it was via our Bakfiets cargo bike and vintage Schwinn Breeze.

Brad Woods

Ron Smith’s Endless Summer Entry

My bicycle is an original paint 1939 Schwinn Motorbike taken on the bridge that was built in 1923 to cross the Boise River.

Ron Smith

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