Green Friday

We’re not necessarily anti-commerce, but we have our limits, and the hype surrounding “Black Friday” has definitely pushed us to that limit. As our quiet little protest against the hysteria, we’re going to officially make the Friday after Thanksgiving our own personal “Green Friday”. The day will involve a quiet breakfast at home, followed by a long, slow, bike ride away from the main roads, maybe a picnic with leftovers, and a movie or two in the late afternoon. What the day most definitely will not involve is a car and a lot of hustle-and-bustle.

10 Responses to “Green Friday”

  • Lucas says:

    count me in! — not that I was going to go shopping tomorrow, anyway! … I tend to eschew the ridiculous commercialization of this season.

  • Mike says:

    I avoid shopping on Black Friday (whatever that name is supposed to mean) simply because I can’t stand crowds… or shopping. But now, your description of your planned day has me fervently determined to do exactly the same. “long slow bike ride away from the main roads, maybe a picnic with leftovers…” perfect! Enjoy it and thanks for the inspiration!

  • Esteban says:

    Tomorrow is also International Buy-Nothing Day. Kind of in line with your thinking:

  • David says:

    You couldn’t get me anywhere near a store or mall with a bunch of crazy deal seeking maniacs.

    A quite day on the home from for me and mine.

  • Jon says:

    I couldn’t agree with you more. That said, I always enjoyed your list of cool gear you’d post today. Does that make me bad?

  • Lovely Bicycle! says:

    I wish I could take a long green meandering bike ride today, but it is raining very badly here in Boston. But like you, I do not subscribe to the after-Thanksgiving madness and will spend today commerce-free. You might also be interested in this essay by Joshua Kampa of Open Bicycle on the topic.

  • Karl OnSea says:

    Sounds like a perfect day!

  • Jack says:

    First about the term “Black Friday”. It comes from the idea that Christmas is what makes most retail businesses (pre-big box era) profitable. Thus they go from being in the red to in the black on the Friday after Thanksgiving.

    I have to admit to doing a small amount of shopping on Black Friday. I went to REI just before 8:00 this morning to get a free bag with a gift card. I got the common $5 card but I had a chance at a $100 card. I looked around but did not buy anything today. I also drove instead of riding because I am not brave enough to ride in the shopping area with Black Friday traffic. There is a Best Buy, Target, Old Navy and other much advertised retailers in the area.

  • Rick says:

    On my commute to work today there were so many cars! I was thinking, “Man, I knew I was running late, but not this late!” I eventually realized it was Black Friday! How glad I was that I had forgotten…

  • Christina says:

    Love it!!!

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