New Developments at Violet Crown Cycles

Violet Crown Cycles recently built their first bike outfitted with a Carbon Belt Drive system. The bike was a custom ordered Ma Ferguson step through city bike. The Carbon Drive upgrade is now available for a $200 up charge on all Ferguson models.

Other recent developments at Violet Crown include the Sam Houston tourer/fast commuter and the LaSalle Randonneur, a light touring bike in the tradition of mid 20th century French randonneurs.

Violet Crown Cycles

3 Responses to “New Developments at Violet Crown Cycles”

  • Frits B says:

    The carbon belt drives seem to work very well. Santos Bikes in Holland, a specialist builder, has three models available with them. On their website the owner, Robbert Rutgrink, describes how he took his daily commuter, a mountain bike with carbon belt and Rohloff 14 speed hub, to a field trial in thick mud and rode for 3.5 hours with no trouble at all, where many other riders had to give up with entirely clogged derailleurs and chains. The photo ( says it all. Yet all it needed was a hose down to be ready for the daily job the next day. Impressive.

  • Stephen says:

    What a freakin’ work of art. The best of the old and new. I have one of those saddles on my commuter; it’s amazingly comfortable.

  • Mike says:

    Now I won’t be happy until I own one of their Randonneurs.

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