K Street in Sac Opened to Bikes

From Bikeramento:

After many years of being against the law to ride on the K Street Mall, the Sacramento City Council voted unanimously to rescind the prohibition. Near the beginning of the new year, the signs will change to indicate that bicycle traffic is allowable in the center part of K Street Mall (between the yellow tiles) from 13th and 7th Streets. The “tunnel” section between 4th and 2nd Streets will also be open. Bicyclists will always be required to yield to pedestrians, and not ride on the sidewalks, which, in the case of K Street Mall, is the area between the the building walls and the row of trees.


4 Responses to “K Street in Sac Opened to Bikes”

  • kit says:

    Great news for a guy who’s gotten sternly finger waggled at by the SacPD for biking on K. Considering the area between the trees is pretty much light rail track, I should probably print up a bunch of “I [lose my wheel in a lightrail track] SAC” stickers immediately. ;)

  • kit says:

    Actually beyond the finger waggle I once got clotheslined by a completely wasted club rat across the street from the Crest Theater. Lucky for him I was more surprised than pissed.

  • Mike says:

    There goes my one concession to a life of crime — I’ve been a secret Old Sac tunnel biker for a couple of years. Now I’m a respectable citizen again.

    I don’t mean to be ungrateful, but it is kind of a Pyrrhic victory, innit? I mean, there’s so precious little on K Street I feel tempted to visit by bike or otherwise. But perhaps I’m being unfair, it’s been some time since I visited…

    Still, it’s all good progress to a bike-friendlier city and that’s good news. Happy Thanksgiving, EcoVelo!

  • Alan says:


    I hear you, but I’m hoping it’s an indication that attitudes toward bicyclists are improving within City government.

    Happy Thanksgiving!

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