Tom Nostrant’s Endless Summer Entry

This is a picture of the St. Croix River at Stillwater MN., part way through our TransAmerica tour.

Tom Nostrant

2 Responses to “Tom Nostrant’s Endless Summer Entry”

  • Seth Hoyt says:

    Hey, EcoVelo — Great looking bike. And since I’m a resident of the Twin Cities Metro, of course I dig the Stillwater backdrop. Question for Tom: tell me more about the handle bars. And what brand of bike? Frame specs? Tire size? I’m seeing a lot of my Trek 720 in this machine of Tom’s, but I still need advice on the bars, pads, grips, etc. Thanks very much. PS — I just replaced my Brooks B-17 with the Model 5 sprung saddle from Velo Orange. As I e-mailed to V.O. head Chris today, the seat is rock hard (duh: brand new!) but the springs already dampen the bumps and jarring jolts, and I’m really glad I switched over to V.Orange. I’ll report more after a few hundred miles in the saddle.

  • Tom Nostrant says:

    Hi Seth,

    The handlebars are Nitto Noodles, which work well for touring. I stitched on elk hide bar covers from VeloOrange. The tires are 26 x 1.6 Marathon Supremes, which work well, 1500 miles no flats, but cost like a car tire! I made the frame myself. I have a frame shop in my basement, a left over from an earlier obsession. There are some other pictures of this bike on my website.


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