Getting to Know You…

Michael and her new Betty Foy out for a first ride.

6 Responses to “Getting to Know You…”

  • Mike says:

    What a sleek and stylish beauty! What form! What grace of design!

    The bike’s nice too.

    Enjoy, Michael!!

  • David says:

    Yesterday I did a “first ride” myself with my new Velomobile Quest. What a blast. An incredible piece of art.

    Then late last night I did my second ride on a 14 mile paved loop around a local state forest.


  • Lickle says:

    Hey @Mike,

    Let’s objectify bicycles and not women, OK?



  • Andy E says:

    that’s one gorgeous ride!

  • Alan says:


    We can see how one might take Mike’s comment negatively without knowing the full context in which it was offered, but Mike is a friend of ours and we know he was only kidding around, and with the best of intentions. Of course, it was impossible for you to know that, so we can certainly understand how you perceived the comment differently than we did.

    Best regards,
    Alan & Michael

  • Gus says:

    if I, as a foreign mother language guy, can comprehend the humor in Mike’s words, everybody can!


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