John Alltop’s Endless Summer Entry

Although this is not the typical picture of a beautiful bike in a beautiful setting, what could be more summer than the 4th of July. This is the ice chest transport from the afternoon party for 70 of our friends and family at our house (Elk Grove, CA) to a friend’s for fireworks. In the background you can see fireworks and kids playing with sparklers. The bike is a Huffy cruiser from Big 5, a birthday presenting lovingly known in the neighborhood as my “Bike in the Box”.

John Alltop

2 Responses to “John Alltop’s Endless Summer Entry”

  • Rex in Phoenix says:

    Even Huffy Cranbrooks deserve to be loved and ridden :-) Nice photo.

  • Rick says:

    If that picture isn’t worth a thousand words . . . that wraps up summer in a shot

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