Vina’s Endless Summer Entry

The mint green beauty was a birthday present I got towards the beginning of this summer and it has proven to be the gift that just keeps on giving! In fact, my boyfriend liked the gift he gave me so much that he got that black stretch cruiser just to ride along with me. My cruiser has been a big part of my summer fun, and sparked a bit of a bike obsession. This summer was filled with many bike rides, mostly along the trails around San Jose, but also to the grocery store, to the tennis courts, and even whilst camping. This photo was taken in late October on an afternoon just before a very rainy day. We made sure to get a good ride in before the storm and it was nice for that rainbow to make an appearance.


2 Responses to “Vina’s Endless Summer Entry”

  • thermador says:

    Wow, cool bikes! How does he steer that thing???

  • Vina says:

    Thanks! He actually steers and rides it pretty easily. I prefer the security of hand breaks myself, but I’ve also found it nice to ride.

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