TerraCycle Cargo Monster

PRESS RELEASE — 11/11/09

Terracycle Introduces Xtracycle Compatible Cargo Extension for Recumbents, Other Unusual Bikes

TerraCycle, Inc. of Portland, OR, the leading manufacturer of recumbent bicycle parts and accessories, has announced a new cargo hauling option for recumbent trikes, bikes, and nonstandard upright bikes. Their new “Cargo Monster” is a heavy-duty redesign of the popular Xtracycle Free Radical cargo concept for use with a much wider range of bicycles — including recumbent trikes, recumbent bikes, folders, and other unusual bikes.

The Cargo Monster attaches in place of the rear wheel, and extends back with a generous cargo module that includes new dropouts for the rear wheel. The cargo module accepts all the standard Xtracycle cargo accessories, including platforms, rails, and bags. “Xtracycle has revolutionized cargo hauling by bike”, said Robert Johnson of TerraCycle, “but there has been nothing for recumbents or any other unusual kind of bike. This meets the need for cargo hauling and touring capability on all kinds of things”.

The Cargo Monster is built around a new, torsion resistant main frame with bolt on, interchangeable mounting subframes. Interchangeable mounting parts attach to 20 and 26 inch rear wheeled bikes and trikes. “We are focusing on the recumbent trike market at the moment”, said Johnson, “and will be working on bikes of various kinds over the coming months”.

Recumbent trikes make a great load hauling platform because of their inherent stability. “With three wheels, you can carry loads and not worry about falling over”, says Johnson. It is also possible to carry large and very long loads as well, since the entire area from the seat on back is available for cargo. The Cargo Monster easily carries 4 bags of groceries, or a ladder, or even a couple bags of concrete. You can leave the car at home for all but the biggest loads.

“We expect that this will radically change touring by trike, too”, says Johnson, “since you now have a convenient way to securely carry all your gear on a trike”.

The Cargo Monster is specially designed to meet the load hauling needs of recumbents and unusual or difficult to attach to bikes. The frame uses oversized tubing and custom laser cut lugs for strength. Special CNC machined clamps attach the Cargo Monster to your frame, and bike/trike specific adapter plates ensure a perfect fit. Fender mounts are provided, and a 203mm disk brake tab is provided for extra braking. Motor mount tabs are included for a forthcoming EcoSpeed electric mid drive. Idler mounts are built in for those bikes and trikes that need them.

The Cargo Monster system retails for $1049, including an Xtracycle Long Tail kit (side rails, bags, and top deck). This includes mounts specific to your bike or trike, as well as a cable extender, cable, and housing for the rear deraileur. Cargo Monsters are made in Portland, Oregon, USA.


7 Responses to “TerraCycle Cargo Monster”

  • Bike Shop Girl says:

    I saw that yesterday and it looked crazy…

  • Alan says:

    @ Bike Shop Girl

    Welcome to the wild and crazy (and incredibly interesting) world of recumbents. :-)


    PS – TerraCycle is the real deal – their parts are smart, tough, and beautifully made. Can’t wait to see a Monster in person.

  • s0fa says:

    Turning radius?

  • kevinPDX says:

    It can turn around in a normal street width between the parked cars.

  • Ant says:

    I’m glad to see TerraCycle building something like this both to cover bikes that Xtracycle doesn’t work for and because hopefully it’ll encourage other improvements in the cargo bike realm. I’d certainly like to see improvements like the torsion resistance and improvements in fitting eventually show up in the standard Xtracycle realm as well.

    I was a little disappointed to see all the stickers discouraging passengers on the images though, to me that is a critical requirement in a cargo bike. I’m not sure if that’s a trike specific issue that results in an unstable load or if it was a prototype that wasn’t rated for that kind of load or something completely different.


  • robert johnson says:


    The passengers labels is a liability thing. The Xtracycle folks also say similar things on their products other than the kiddie carrier. The unit is plenty strong enough to carry the weight, although with trikes being so low the center of gravity gets substantially raised if adults were riding on the back. This would tend to put a lot of stress into the trikes dropouts. So yes this is a trike specific issue that doesn’t play into the 2 wheeled uprights so much. The frame is strong enough for a great deal of weight and like Xtracycles there will be kids who ride on them under their parents guidance provided that some handlebars or something to hold on were added, but can these manufacturers tell customers to use them specificallly for this, and the answer to that is an emphatic “No” from their legal advisors.

  • Alan says:

    Hey Robert,

    Thanks for your comments!

    While we have you, can you tell us what you know about whether the use of a Cargo Monster (or a Free Radical for that matter) voids manufacturers’ frame warranties? I’ve had a number of people ask…


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