Andrew’s Endless Summer Entry

The first playground stop during the week-long ‘Great Ohio Bicycle Adventure’ on our “bicycle built for five”. To keep the crew happy, we had to take many more playground and ice cream stops along the way.


2 Responses to “Andrew’s Endless Summer Entry”

  • Matthew says:

    That’s quite the steed! Is getting underway as hard as I would imagine it to be? I’ve been on the front of a tandem so I know how it works with two, but I can’t imagine coordinating five people on a bike.

  • Andrew says:

    Thanks Matthew – It took a few laps around the neighborhood to perfect our starts. The main challenge is reminding the kids to not pedal backwards while my wife and I straddle the bike with our feet on the ground to prepare for the starts (otherwise it results in a swift hit to the shins!)

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