David Walters’ Endless Summer Entry

Julie enjoying the shade of the mangos.

David Walters

4 Responses to “David Walters’ Endless Summer Entry”

  • Donald says:

    I like this shot. Ahh….the cool shade of a tree lined road on a hot summer’s day.
    Sacramento, California

  • Eric From Portland says:

    This one is really quite exceptional. The tunnel of trees and the narrowing of the horizon while keeping the subject in the lower third of the frame, shows a great composition.

  • Cullen says:

    Beautiful picture.

    For the skirt-wearing cyclist: I hope it wasn’t a windy day!

    Cullen Carter
    Appleton, WI

  • Dave Brown says:

    You would get my vote (if I had one) for the loveliest photo so far in the Endless Summer contest. The romance of cycling is caught in this image.


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