Shane DeMars’ Endless Summer Entry

I took this photo during a beautiful hilly ride just south of Eugene, Oregon. It was one of the last beautiful weeks of summer. I couldn’t resist getting a photo with these cows. I did wonder though if these guys were staring at my LHT or if they were glaring at my Brooks! The phrase “contemplating the future” came to mind as I composed this.

Shane DeMars

2 Responses to “Shane DeMars’ Endless Summer Entry”

  • Sami says:

    HAHAHA. That’s hilarious but I imagine vegetarians and cows might not be as amused.

  • Shane says:

    @ sami

    Quite true. I sincerely apologize if my comments caused any unintended offense. FWIW I’m nearly vegetarian right now (I might eat meat a couple times a year) and I seem to be iterating towards becomming vegan. These are complex personal choices which evolve over time, and people make them for a variety of very different reasons. I took this photo framed this way because seeing the cows made me smile, but I appreciated the irony of the saddle. The title came to mind from the look the cow gave me. So I suppose my intention was not to be crude, but rather to remind myself of the origins of materials and how we are connected to them.


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