Sean Carter’s Endless Summer Entry

This is a “panda” shot of me and my son going to the farmers market here in Calgary on our (now sold) Xtracycle.

Sean Carter

2 Responses to “Sean Carter’s Endless Summer Entry”

  • Cullen says:

    Lucky kid!

    How far is the ride?

    Did you replace the Xtracycle, or is your son now a solo-rider?

  • sean says:

    Ya – he is a lucky kid (aka spoiled!).

    We actually have 2 farmers markets we ride to. The closest one (Curry Barracks) is about 6km away the other one (Crossroads) is about 12 km away. It sounds like the close one is closing and relocating to the other side of the city, so we will be using the Crossroads market more often.

    Indeed, we replaced the Xtracycle with a Madsen, and so far, its working out good. He is a solo rider when we are on the regional pathway system, or riding to the park in the neighbourhood. I have some pics on my blog of us and the new bike.

    Thanks for asking!

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