RidingPretty’s Endless Summer Entry

Along the San Lorenzo River, Santa Cruz CA…Do you see the Heron? Actually there are two Herons, one in the river, the other my 1970’s Raleigh DL-1. What is so amazing is 5 minutes earlier I was shopping downtown looking over $200.00 handbags at Bunny’s Shoes and the next minute I am looking at this amazing bird.

Warm Regards, RidingPretty

One Response to “RidingPretty’s Endless Summer Entry”

  • Shelly says:

    Thanks Alan for running the contest and giving me a chance to post a photo of my beloved DL-1.
    For all you readers…If you interested in knowing more about a DL-1 check out this posting on Old Bike Blog. Or for a bit more there s always my blog where everyone once in awhile my DL-1shows up.

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