Dave Brown’s Endless Summer Entry

My friend Richard Philabaum rides his Reynolds Wishbone recumbent as he ascends Salsbury grade out of Death Valley, California as a participant in the Adventure Corps Furnace Creek 508. Although the event takes place in October, in this locale the weather was still like summer in most of the country, and this climb indeed seems endless.

Dave Brown

Nicholas TenBrink’s Endless Summer Entry

Here is a shot I snapped off in early August on a day off from working at the bike shop, the place I took this shot at is one of my more favorite places to ride to here in town to get away from everything and reflect. It also usually results in me taking pictures of my bike throughout the seasons there also.

Nicholas TenBrink, Ann Arbor, Michigan

Martin Doyon’s Endless Summer Entry

This shot was taken here on June 21st.

Martin Doyon

Kristian Ablan’s Endless Summer Entry

My Trek Valencia resting under one of the huts at the Paoay Lake National Park in Ilocos Norte, the Philippines. Paoay Lake is a great place for bird watching as birds migrate here from China all year round, especially during the winter season. Photo was taken 24 October 2009.

Kristian Ablan, Ilocos Norte, the Philippines

Alan Harris’ Endless Summer Entry

My commute is through some of the most scenic area left in eastern Massachusetts. This is from the first day of school going to work.  Still summer. This is from a farm just up from Snipatuit pond in Rochester MA.

Alan Harris

Aaron Burke’s Endless Summer Entry

Another beautiful day on the strand in Southern California. We try to get down there once a week and pretty much everyday looks like this…Including the smiles.
Truly an Endless Summer for my wife Jen and her bike Olive.

Aaron Burke, Redondo Beach, CA

Joe Martinson’s Endless Summer Entry

Here’s a picture of my Gunnar. No exotic location, just a park not too far from my house that I stop¬† by on my way back from rides. Great website/blog!

Joe Martinson

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